Do You Look Like an Idiot When You’re Taking Photos?


Do you look like an idiot when you’re out taking photos?

It’s a bit of an inflammatory question, but bare with me.

A while back I went on a photo walk with a big group – probably 30 or 40 people.

There were a handful – maybe 4 or 5 who were REALLY getting into the spirit of photography.

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How so?

Well, by that, I mean they were getting themselves into some very awkward positions. Lying on the ground, climbing things, getting under things – all to get an original angle or composition.

Some of them were doing it to get an interesting frame. Others to get an interesting angle. Others to simply avoid doing what 90% of the group were doing. To be different.

They were willing to look like idiots to get more interesting shots than the rest of the group. It was a stark difference when you saw it in action.

Of course, as with any photo walk, there was a review at the end of the walk and some people were given prizes etc.

The results?

The people who were not afraid of looking like idiots absolutely DOMINATED the rest of the group. Their images were a LOT better than the average.

As a whole, the group took very similar looking photos. But that handful of people absolutely found original compositions that the rest missed out on.

Now, of course you don’t always have to look like an idiot to get a great composition, but prioritising the composition over every other personal consideration means you will make fewer compromises.

It is something to keep in mind when you are shooting.

Are you shooting from a place because it’s easy or because it’s the best angle? Are you avoiding lying down because you don’t want to get dirty or because you don’t think that angle will work?

Be honest with yourself.

Nobody minds that you want to be comfortable when you shoot or when you want to take the easy shot. But nor will they care about an average photo.

The choice is yours.

Now if you want to find those compositions, if you want to find those angles, if you want to know what to look for in a great composition, then the Action Cards by Photzy will give you a series of composition sheets that shows you examples of specific compositions and how to use them to get more powerful shots yourself.

Worth checking out.

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