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It's truly been a wonderful week in the world of photography with great tutorials, photography and blogs being sought by Toad Hollow Photography to share with everyone here.  This list is full of terrific pieces, as shot, processed and delivered by some incredible artists.  We really hope you enjoy seeing these photographs as much as the Toad did in bringing this list to you.
Fog 雾 by 55Laney69, on Flickr


100 Helpful Photography Tutorials for Beginners and Professionals – this is the list of all lists!  Exactly as the title states, you know what you’re in for if you click this link.  This is a massive collection featuring all sorts of links to tutorials covering every imaginable subject under the proverbial sun.

Shoot for the Moon! – Blake Rudis delivers a great tutorial that takes the reader step-by-step through the process of photographing the moon.  Blake’s great article finds extra dimension with the images that he includes.

Quick Photo Tip: Wetdowns – this post by Joe Baraban features some tips and tricks to help you take your photography to that next level.  The results of the concept shared in this post are featured in a terrific set of example photos he includes here, showing how subtle yet profound this technique can truly be.

Creativity Booster #3: Minimalism – Anne McKinnell delivers another of her features in a running series designed to help us all create better imagery.  This one takes a close look at the concept of minimalism, and Anne’s awesome photography does a great job here of providing examples of the issues being discussed.

HDR Darkroom 2 Review – Curt Fleenor writes a terrific in-depth review of this latest software suite for HDR processing.  Curt uses some great screenshots and illustrative photographs to add depth to the points being shared.


Car Show Etiquette – this is a two for the price of one type post from Tim Stanley.  Tim shares some really entertaining insights into shooting at car shows, bringing a touch of levity to the topic.  He also shares a terrific shot of a rare 1970 Dart Swinger with a big block 440 in it; the stuff of legends.

Ponce De Léon – Mike Criswell delivers a crisp architectural study of Flagler College located in St Augustine Florida.  The character of this terrific heritage facility is brought fully to life with a pair of shots, one that features the striking outside and one that features the rich, warm lobby.  Definitely a highlight post in this week’s list!

Hammersmith Bridge at Night – a tremendous blue hour shot of the famous bridge, shot and shared here by Chris Maskell.  Incredible lines and reflections work together in this image to lead the viewer naturally right through the frame.  Gorgeous colors and tones in the sky add the perfect finishing touch.

Cart Attack – there’s something lonely and haunting in this great shot from Steven Perlmutter.  A shopping cart, long abandoned and forgotten, finds itself lost in the middle of an old weathered factory floor.  Terrific processing enhances the tension produced by the lost cart and it’s forlorn surroundings.

Soft Drain – long exposure techniques are utilized in this shot from the studio of Ehpem to create a magical and ethereal feeling image.  A cement drain leads the viewer naturally through the frame and out to the ocean that finds itself cloaked in silky smooth waters, a result of the super long exposure times.

The Chronicles of Narnia – the gorgeous landscape of Spain right after a fresh snow provides the perfect photography playground for @astaroth, who happens to be a Light Stalking member.  The great snowy scapes add texture to the rolling hills and mountains, covering the ground and trees in a delicate white coating.

Early Morning – a lovely blue hour shot that features an old wooden pier that leads the viewer right through the center of the frame.  Richard Cowling captures a mesmerizing piece here, utilizing long exposure techniques to achieve the fabulous look to the water he achieved.

Feeling secure – we once again get to enjoy a fabulous photograph from the studio of our very own @tomdinning here on Light Stalking.  Tom always adds some insightful personal thoughts to his posts, making for a destination that is sure to leave everyone introspective.  This is a great shot of a security camera atop a pole, exhibiting fabulous natural tension through Tom’s composition.

life in the slow lane . . . – a wonderful scene depicting life on the banks of the ocean is featured here by local photographer dragonflydreams88.  The great colors in the homes that dot the shoreline are reflected back to the viewer in the semi-still waters that sit in the foreground, adding a very compelling element to the picture.

Golden hour at White Sands – just fabulous naturally formed lines grace the screen in this landscape photograph from Derrick Birdsall.  Warm tones from the sands in the picture contrast perfectly against the green vegetation and the blues in the sky to create a piece that is sure to be enjoyed by all.

combat – an epic battle between two animals, only one will emerge the victor.  Juan Luis Durán captures a photo of a rhino in battle with another animal, and the black-and-white used to create this picture serves to enhance the inherent drama of the scene.

Church Detail, Toronto, 2012 – as the long shadows play across the incredible architectural details of this church, Ren Bostelaar captures and shares a dramatic black-and-white picture.  The incredible shadows give incredible depth to this picture by emphasizing the contrasts.

Dancing Gateway – the incredible spires of the Golden Gate bridge peer above a cloudy landscape that lies below it in this terrific image captured by Aaron M.  The lights from the deck below illuminate the features of the bridge, giving it a commanding presence in the scene.

Landes barrel – by using a cresting wave as a frame for this shot, Xtef Mistik creates a picture that naturally takes the viewer through the curling wave to find great tension at the end.  As a surfer enters the tunnel made from the wave, Xtef presses the shutter at just the right moment to capture a compelling image.

Two for the price of one! – a lone polar bear stands on a patch of ice, looking far out to sea.  Ian Mears does a splendid job in capturing this image that exhibits great tension in the bear which is perfectly contrasted by the subtle colors and tones that comprise the scene.

Bryce Canyon Overlook Photo – a stunning photograph that takes the viewer right into the heart of this famous park.  This dynamic presentation pans around the vista, showcasing the incredible beauty and interest that can only be found in nature itself.

Colors to B&W – a wonderful image that uses selective color processing in a new way.  The cityscape that dave balisi captures features some truly incredible architecture that finds drama in the methods used to post-process it.

Finally – a long abandoned wooden boat sits under a rotating sky full of stars in this great shot by Hossein Zare.  The blue tones in this picture contrast perfectly with the textures and details in the boat shell, adding a layer of intense interest.

hallway of dreams – absolutely wonderful light beams paint this old, weathered hall in a photograph by markus studtmann.  Terrific textures are revealed in the decaying structure as nature slowly takes over where man left off.

Tonight’s Performance Has Been Cancelled – an entirely forgotten and forlorn theatre creates the perfect subject for this image by John Sotiriou.  Subdued tones throughout the frame deliver a sense of tension and drama, and the bright red curtain provides a perfect anchor for the viewer.

Eltz Castle – the incredible architectural details on one of Germany’s most famous castles is the prime subject in this terrific photograph by Uwe Müller.  The incredible German landscape produces an incredible backdrop to accent the lines and details in this historic building.

Storm – epic light highlights the raw fury of the ocean as an incredible storm pounds a stalwart lighthouse.  Richard Tierney delivers a truly dramatic image here that showcases the incredible power of nature, further revealing how fragile life really is.

Great Horned Owl – a very serious owl flies low over the land, speeding it’s way towards a target in this terrific image from the studio of Milan Zygmunt.  This picture features the incredible spirit and personality found in these majestic animals through a candid shot of it in action.

The Grey Man Is Always Intrigued By An Open Door – what is behind that door?  We’ll never know for sure, but the Grey Man is pondering it as he walks past it in this terrific themed shot from the studio of Mark Garbowski.

The House – a quaint house on a street in Ireland is photographed and shared here by photobypawelp.  The subdued tones in this picture really help to create a feel of nostalgia and years past as the viewer gets a chance to take in the terrific details in the scene itself.

Winter Afternoon, Crater Lake – a wondrous wintery landscape is featured in this great shot by Ron Coscorrosa.  The intensely beautiful mountains that encircle this still lake are perfectly reflected back to the viewer, delivering a compelling picture sure to be enjoyed by all.

Reflections of World War II – a majestic war memorial in Washington is featured in this image by Metro DC Photography.  The blue hour provides terrific colors and tones in the sky and highlights the incredible architectural details.

Intensity – this is a great candid black-and-white photograph of an associate of Steve Beal at work.  The perfect depth of focus in this dramatic image turns the Empire State Building in the backdrop into a patch of perfect bokeh, adding a element of interest.

Glimpse – Sebastian Opitz photographs the Burj Khalifa by framing it with a new tunnel.  This is a terrific photo that exemplifies several key techniques with a great flowing leading line, unique framing and layering to engage the viewer.

Albion Falls Canada – gorgeous waterfalls are photographed here on Earth Random Nature Photography.  This is a large, cascading set of waterfalls that meanders it’s way down via a series of rocky steps.

Clearing Winter Storm – Joseph Holmes captures a breathtaking winter scene taken in Yosemite Park.  The epic mountain range draws the viewers eye into the frame, pausing over incredible natural details that takes you deep into the frame.

The World’s Six Most Beautiful Lakes – a terrific collection of photographs featuring six of the most gorgeous lakes you’ve ever seen, from several vantage points and perspectives.  All of the images are absolutely breathtaking, and some of them even take on an abstract quality.

Photos of Sakurajima volcano – prepare to be blown away, this is just such an awesome series of shots of an active volcano, and the electric storms it produces while being so active.  Martin Rietze photographs the Sakurajima volcano in Kagoshima prefecture as it erupts.

Bat Reflection – a western long-eared bat flies low over a pond at night as Michael Durham captures it mid-flight.  The water under it is so still, mirroring back a perfect reflection which is accented wonderfully by the clear details in the bat’s face.

Refleccion – terrific tension is found in this photograph by Tomas Rawski featuring a person in the distance walking across the frame into the great unknown.  The horizon appears to go on forever with a reflection so vivid that it looks like it mirrors the entire image.

Silence – a striking landscape scene that features a gorgeous lake in the early morning draped in mist.  In the distance a house emerges in the mist, half-submerged in the still lake setting.

Famous Shipwreck on Zakynthos – a shot that displays such a large scale, it takes a few seconds to fully appreciate the size of the vista being featured in this photograph by Emiel Hillege.  The bones of an old shipwreck lie on the beach far below, delivering a dramatic piece that leaves the viewer with more questions than answers.

Kevin Mcneal’s Stunning Photography – quite seriously, the title says it all.  This is a great set of photographs by photographer Kevin Mcneal that features some of the most breathtaking landscape and nature-based seen in this week’s list.

Dawn over Dubai – this is a unique and terrific concept that reveals the city of Dubai at sunrise over a several hour time period by careful blending of frames taken at intervals.  zach bright does a great job in processing and creating this image, giving the viewer a series of elements to enjoy.

Going West 2012 ~ Part Four : Goblins, Toad Stools, and Ghosts, Oh My! – A.D. Wheeler brings us along on another of his fabulous photoblog adventures.  We share the entire exploration with A.D. who shares a large and wonderful set of photos depicting the stages of the story as it unfolded around him.

Golden Gate fog – the spires of the Golden Gate bridge hauntingly peek out above a layer of thick clouds in this terrific photograph from the studio of Jim Nix.  The colors of the bridge elements work perfectly with the blue of the skies that sit above and the white of the clouds that melt the bridge into nothing.

Moonlit Fanad – a terrific lighthouse perched on the edge of a rockface looks out to sea as it boils and rages around it in this great photograph by Stephen Emerson.  The moon lights the night and casts a wonderful soft reflection against the waters of the ocean smoothed out by the long exposure.

Mirage – Helene Kobelnyk creates a profound image in this piece, featuring a rolling sandy landscape and a dramatic sky.  The rolling dunes create a natural set of leading lines that produce great layers to lead the viewer comfortably through the image.

Morraine Lake Reflection, Banff NP, Canada – the Rockies in western Canada pose formidable formations just begging to be photographed.  Mark Paulson visits the iconic Morraine Lake and comes away with a breathtaking landscape shot that features a stunning still reflection, adding a huge layer of interest to the already gorgeous surroundings.

Three Kings – three grand deer stags strike incredible silhouettes in the morning light in this awesome image from Simon Roy.  The natural tension from the outlines of the stags really highlights their personality and character, bringing this morning scene to life.

The Bridge – Jason Hines captures a sunset photograph in Yosemite Park that is simply without peer.  A wooden walkway cuts the scene in half producing a compelling vanishing point, and the rich colors in the skies bring intense beauty into the scene.

Dew On Me – a terrific photograph of a fly…  very close up!  Dew sits on it’s head, and the super-crisp details in the anatomy bring in a whole layer of interest in this stunning shot by shikhei goh.

Transience – the front of a building produces a myriad of personalities in this photograph by Vladislav Pavlović.  No two sections of the scene are the same, creating an almost cobbled-together and slightly askew feeling image with fabulous textures and details in the weathering evident.

I think I Can  – a lone solitary leaf sits perched on a rock that features a backdrop of a fast moving waterfall.  Andy Gimino captures and creates a gorgeous landscape scene here that is sure to be enjoyed by all who pop by for a viewing.

Give Me Color – this is a wonderful long exposure shot, straight from the studio of Jim Denham.  The incredible landscape that surrounds this waterfall develops a strong sense of interest for the scene and the long exposure techniques smooth out the fast moving water.  All the elements are working together to make for a mesmerizing piece to see.

First Joshua Tree Sunset – a truly striking native Joshua Tree poses as the sunset falls, creating an arresting silhouette for Anne McKinnell to photograph and share.  The rich and vibrant colors from the dusk skies add a swatch of interest, and the dramatic silhouette brings in some drama here.  Absolutely fabulous.

Tiger in White – a majestic white tiger sits in a field, pretty much looking back at photographer Bridgena Barnard.  It’s ice blue eyes and the rich details in the tiger and it’s coat are isolated by the perfect shallow depth-of-focus, creating a compelling image.

Age of Mist – a haunting scene, full of drama and rich tension, is presented here by Mark Garbowski.  A carousel in the Brooklyn Bridge park emerges from the mysterious mist, producing a scene that is as mystical as it is mesmerizing.

“Symmetry” – “They Go Up!” – Howard Jackman proclaims to have difficulty at first finding the right inspiration for this series, yet somehow he comes away with a fantastic set of images that truly express symmetry.  Both architectural and natural elements are captured in this set, all delivered in black-and-white to accent the great drama.

Reflecting Campus Fall – gorgeous fall colors in a tree find their reflections in the glass of a building that they stand near, bringing in an extra layer to an already captivating piece.  Rachel Cohen captures this shot at the North Campus of The University of Michigan.

Avian Friday: Short-Eared Owl – Jay Taylor does incredible work in the realm of nature photography, much of the time with a focus on birds.  This great photograph of a Short-Eared Owl really brings the intrigue of the wonderful bird to life with the very shallow depth-of-focus.

St Mary's Church Slindon near Chichester – a great capture in HDR by Barry Turner features an ancient church full of great textures and details in the incredible stone work that went into its construction.  Natural light drapes the church, highlighting the wonderful tones exhibited in the scene.

Sligo Christmas – the wonderful Sligo Christmas Fayre is up and running, and magnumlady captures a series of photographs showcasing the lively events.  Each image furthers the viewers connection with the festival, providing a personal experience to enjoy.

December 9 – the Burger Boy shack is long overdue for a fresh coat of paint in this dramatic black-and-white piece from Melinda Green Harvey.  These well-known hangouts are now just memories to many of us, taking us to a familiar place to the dark corners of our memories.

the cloisters – the only thing better than a terrific vanishing point in a photograph is two vanishing points!  This picture features the Cloisters at Bury Cathedral in amazing details, as shot by ArtHakker Photography HDR (David Stoddart).

Burj Kalifa – an architectural masterpiece, this world-famous building can provide a stunning photography subject.  Tarik AlTurki takes a wonderful image of this icon, revealing layer after layer of great detail and lines to take the viewer through and into the image.

Vienna’s Naturhistorisches Museum – Lee Brown takes us along as he explores this famous museum in Vienna.  What’s even more amazing is that this series of terrific shots was taken hand-held as tripod’s were most certainly not allowed.  Great work.

Cascades on Straight Branch – a truly lovely waterfall scene is captured and presented here by Curt Fleenor.  The great colors left in the trees from autumns brushstroke add a dash of gorgeous color here, helping to create a shot that is captivating to take in.

Dodge at the Distillery – everyone knows how much I love classic and old vehicles, and this shot from Edith Levy really brings a fresh approach to the typical photography.  As the holiday season is upon us, Edith uses a really unique composition to set this classic old truck in a great setting.

Ridin’ in Style – a great short series of black-and-white images of an American icon is presented in this post from Chris Nitz.  A classic first generation Camaro does the posing, and Chris works his magic with the photography, to create a post that is sure to satisfy the car lover in all of us.


40 Of The Most Powerful Photographs Ever Taken – this is a powerful collection of photographs, each of which is a masterpiece itself.  This set comprises a large range of events capturing the raw human condition, featuring some of the most profound images of our collective history.

Willow River Falls – HDR Collaboration – a great collaboration between incredible HDR photographers always results in a post to be enjoyed by photography enthusiasts from all walks of life.  This collaboration really showcases the style of each artist and shows how distinct and varied these visions and creations can be even when everyone starts with the same frame.

Happy New Year – a fabulous series of photographs by Chromasia, run by David and Libby Nightingale.  This post features 12 photographs representing a year, each one absolutely breathtaking that shares it’s own unique story in a viewing.

The Big Apple From a Bicycle’s Point of View – perspective is everything, it’s been said, and this series of photographs does a great job in showing why that is true.  Tom Olesnevich straps a DSLR to his bike and careens his way around New York, coming away with a set of images that are all truly terrific.

Landscape Photography – Destin Sparks is an award-winning photographer based out of Australia and his site features a terrific gallery of images, all shot with a traditional film camera.  He puts on workshops and is even running a contest right now.  His photography speaks for itself, each piece breathtaking in it’s beauty, definition and striking details.

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