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24 Creative Duotone Photographs

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When you're looking to create a certain mood or feeling in your imagery, many photographers turn to monotone or duotone. And while most go with subdued tones to evoke similar feeling to black and white photographs, duotone can also be used in a way to spruce up the feeling too. Check out this collection for creative duotone images and share you own in the comments!

MISTY MORNING by kelp1966, on FlickrPowerful sunny day by Håkan Dahlström, on Flickr
Ageing Gracefully by williamcho, on Flickr
Light Bulb No. 2 by Caveman Chuck Coker, on Flickr
fingers crossed by cinnamon_girl, on Flickr
Aurlandsfjord by Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho, on Flickr
Every town has its haunted mansion by lrargerich, on Flickr
Just another Cambridge bike by llamnudds, on Flickr
House Interior Showing Woman With Bound Feet Tending A Stove In The Lost Tribe Country [1936] Hedda Morrison [RESTORED] by ralphrepo, on Flickr
stagnant revolution by DaedaLusT, on Flickr
Dark sky ferris wheel by Jasmic, on Flickr
Look into my eyes by Kraetzsche, on Flickr
Rudbeckia by Josh Pesavento (broma), on Flickr
House Interior Showing A Woman At A Brick Stove, A Bucket & A Ladle Made From A Gourd In The Lost Tribe Country [1936] Hedda Morrison [RESTORED] by ralphrepo, on Flickr
Régua by Jsome1, on Flickr
Heavy Fog by Robert Swier, on Flickr
shell by (matt), on Flickr
Until Tomorrow… by lrargerich, on Flickr
Vert Et Jaune by left-hand, on Flickr
Abandoned Silence by Kraetzsche, on Flickr
Out of Russia by Tormod Sandtorv, on Flickr
Platform 3 by Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho, on Flickr
Fourth Dimension by JD the Photog, on Flickr
Frost by macieklew, on Flickr

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