Every Photographer Needs to Hear Pye Jirsa’s Speech on Photography

By Rob Wood (Admin) / July 4, 2017

As photographers, it is tempting to get a little defensive or protective of your knowledge. You worked hard to get the skill you have. You experimented for hours. Cold, early mornings. Late evenings editing thousands of images.

Your skill is not easily won.

But the mentality of defensiveness and secrecy about your processes to new photographers is not what many of us got in the game for.

Pye Jirsa gets it. Listen to his speech below. You will be glad you did.


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Rob Wood (Admin)

Rob was given his first camera (the awesome and powerful Kodak Instamatic of the late 70s) at the age of 5. He still hasn’t quite mastered it. When he isn’t tinkering on the internet updating Light Stalking, he can often be found on his unending quest for the perfect landscape shot. Rob started Light Stalking simply because he loves writing and photography. It grew to be one of the most referenced photography sites in the world. Rob is also the co-founder of Photzy.com and you can find him on Twitter, Facebook, and mail as well.


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