10 Fun Photos of World Festivals and Celebrations


A festival is the perfect time to pull out your camera and get some great shots. The colour, the people and the atmosphere of when people get together to celebrate just lends itself to fantastic photography. With 4th of July being celebrated in the US, we thought it would be fun to look at how festivals are celebrated around the world.

Folklore 009 - open air ( #cc )
Photo by Martin Fisch
Lovely portrait of a lass with a painted face at the Carnivale in Venice
Photo by Frank Kovalchek
Al compás del tamboril | Las Llamadas | Carnaval 2011 | 110204-0852-jikatu
Photo by Jimmy Baikovicius
Scenes from the 2004 Carnivale in Venice (IMG_4674a)
Photo by Frank Kovalchek
Carnaval SF : Wings demonstration
Photo by Chris Willis
Scenes from the 2004 Carnivale in Venice (IMG_4664a)
Photo by Frank Kovalchek
Yakuza Shrine
Photo by Colin and Sarah Northway
Patriotic Pampered Pocket Pooch Posing Proudly
Photo by Randy Robertson
celebration of light 2007 - vancouver, canada, fireworks
Photo by Jon Rawlinson
Holi Feest 2008
Photo by FaceMePLS

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