10 Uplifting Photos of Fireworks


This collection is really just for fun and eye-candy. Everybody loves fireworks and they are a great subject for photographers. So take some inspiration and enjoy the talents of these photographers who enabled us to put together this collection of 10 uplifting photos of fireworks. Check out our article on how to photograph fireworks if you want to learn the tricks and techniques used here.

Blue fireworks...
Photo by Tambako The Jaguar
Bursts Of Color
Photo by Bob Jagendorf
celebration of light 2007 - vancouver, canada, fireworks
Photo by Jon Rawlinson
Fireworks NYE2005
Photo by Mr Magoo ICU
this wheel's on fire #2
Photo by Jes
4th 2010 GR Style
Photo by Eric Lanning
Singapore National Day fireworks sneak preview
Photo by William Cho
New Years Eve 2009-2010 #photog
Photo by Erik Söderström
Photo by Steve Jurvetson
Reflected Fireworks
Photo by Bob Jagendorf

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Clearly the trick to having an awesome fireworks shot is to be somewhere they are having AWESOME fireworks 🙂

Doesnt happen on a really big scale in my part of the world, sadly. But I got some for Guy Fawkes last year.

Fireworks always make for amazing images, even if it’s just a local display.. Lots of fun to play with open exposures and light trails.

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