9 Free iPad Apps to Kick-start Your Photography


The fact that the iPad does not have a camera does not stop it from being one of the most powerful photography tools on the planet. There are tons of free and cheap apps which can turn all of your photos into dazzling masterpieces. Of course once you’ve got these beautiful works of art, you want to share them, and that is definitely the iPad’s domain! Here are 9 free iPad apps to amp up your photography.

Photo by Anna Demianenko on Unsplash

Live FX Lite – Live FX Lite is a free app which lets you spruce up your photos on the go. This program allows you to even set your own push-button presets with dozens of effects. Adjust focus, lighting, cropping, hue and more for various and fun outcomes to share with friends and family.

Photobuzz – Photobuzz allows you to view public photos from Flickr and Picasa. These can be albums shared between friends, hobbyists or professionals. Share your favorite shots with others, and gain pointers from fantastic images from others.

Feeddler – This free iPad app is actually a simple RSS reader, but allows you to tap into any websites you want for photo news, tips, tricks, tutorials, and much more. Stay on top of the photography world with just a few taps.

PhotoPad – The iPad itself may not take photos, but it can be a powerful tool for enhancing them on the go. PhotoPad can help you by allowing you to crop, scale, apply filters, and adjust the color of your images. This allows you to adjust the basics of photos including value and contrast, to quickly share perfected photos. You can also allow your creativity to blossom by using the different filters available with the program.

Colors Pro Free – This iPad app allows you to selectively color and desaturate elements of your photos for fun and creative effects. It also allows you to zoom in and move for fine-detail work and professional results. Unlimited undos means you don’t have to worry about mistakes and you can quickly share photos via email or other tools.

Impression – This free iPad app does one simple but important thing: adds watermarks to your pictures. This way you can share your images straight from your iPad to the web at large while reducing the fear of your work being taken without attribution. Watermarking isn’t a perfect solution, but it’s better than nothing.

Phanfare – This is a free companion to the Phanfare service, allowing you to store all of your images remotely. No more worrying about what will happen to your photos if you iPad crashes or gets stolen. Once they are “in the cloud”, they are safe.

Rough Guides World Lens – The Rough Guide photographers make a living out of traveling the world and photographing the places they go and things they experience. You can now have a free iPad app which allows you to see some of the more breathtaking images and gather an unlimited amount of inspiration. If you get bored, don’t worry. The images are updated every few weeks for you!

Foto Editor – Yet another app you can use to edit your photos. While this free app might not have the same plethora of options and tools as some of the paid versions, it still allows you to edit the brightness, contrast, gamma and RGB channels, and rotate the pictures you have.

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I don’t see a big point of having photo apps on your Ipad. Will you transfer yout photos to it to edit them? Or will you download from flickr?

Fotopedia Heritage, with 25 000 photos and growing would be a candidate for your list of free apps.

Not free but new: Fotopedia National Parks. 3000 stunning photos. I would like to offer you this app and get your impression about it. Please send me your email.

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