Fujifilm’s COVID-19 Drug to Extend Testing Into July


We’ve got an update on Fuji’s drug-testing efforts to combat the novel coronavirus. The promising medicine known as Avigan (or Favipiravir) is currently undergoing extensive clinical trials because of its promise in combating the virus.

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The company reported today that these trials are likely to extend into July. So far, many experts think that Avigan really has potential to help in the fight against the virus. One other candidate that has absorbed a lot of the media spotlight is anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine though it is Avigan that is showing the most promise so far.

Japan Today reports that the Abe government had hoped to issue an approval for Avigan’s use in the treatment of COVID-19 by the end of May but the delays in testing led to the scuttling of those plans. Now Fuji is reporting that only 70% of the necessary patients have undergone the drug trial and, because of this, Avigan won’t make its June window either. This is because it takes 28 days to see if the drug has had any impact on the course of the disease.

For its part, Fuji says it is working as fast as possible to get Avigan to market if the trials prove successful. Given that many countries are just now starting to open up their economies after the lockdown imposed by the pandemic, its approval couldn’t come soon enough.

As we’ve reported in past articles, Fuji isn’t the only member of the optics industry that is involved in the battle against COVID-19. Canon is also helping with testing kits.

What do you think of Fuji and Canon’s efforts in the fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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