Canon Unlocking IP Patents for Others to Use in COVID-19 Pandemic Fight


The novel coronavirus that started in Wuhan, China, last year and that has spread across the globe has proven a serious challenge for industries of all kinds.

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Yet it has also given us valuable insight into some of our most beloved firms other activities, particularly those of Canon and Fujifilm which have been very active in combating the pandemic via their medical subsidiaries.

Now Canon is moving even further into pushing back against the COVID-19 virus with the release of patents and intellectual property to other firms that could potentially help them develop products to help in the fight.

Canon is joined by Toyota Motor Company, among other Japanese firms, Nikkei reports.

The article citing the move says the following, “The goal is to make it easier for businesses and research organizations to develop medical devices as well as testing and treatment technologies. The hope is that it will lead to a faster resolution of the crisis, which threatens to seriously affect the global economy.”

As we’ve covered on this blog, Canon has helped develop test kits for the virus while rival Fujifilm has put drugs like Avigan out into the market for testing due to their perceived benefits in treating COVID-19. Of course, if it proves successful, we could see wider use of that drug very soon.

What do you think of Canon’s efforts to help combat the novel coronavirus? How has the outbreak impacted you professionally? Personally? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section below.

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