What Gavin Heffernan Can Do With Timelapse and a Dolly is Mesmerising

Time lapse photography has been exploding in popularity lately with access to high quality gear becoming so much easier and cheaper. We recently came across this time-lapse by photographer, Gavin Heffernan and we had to share it.

Sit back, put on some headphones and watch this on full screen.

Some of Gavin's Shots:






Now Gavin has been seen in National Geographic, Wired, LA Times and Popular Science, among others, but we really likes his latest project (above) – Joshua Tree Journey 4. One of the images from this even made Image of the Day on space.com last week.

You can read more about Gavin and keep up with his future projects by following him on Twitter, liking him on Facebook, checking him out on Flickr or taking a look directly at his website.


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