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The world of photography has been very busy with some really terrific photographs and content being posted and shared in all corners of the internet.  Toad Hollow Photography has been busy all week curating this list of tutorials, reviews, special features, collections, great photography and interesting blogs to share here with everyone.  We really hope you enjoy seeing the work of these incredibly talented people as much as the Toad did in bringing this list to you.

West Pier (Explore #113) by flashcurd, on Flickr


How to Correct Perspective with Photoshop and Lightroom 5 – Keith Cuddeback delivers a terrific video just over 7 minutes in length that takes the viewer through the process of using perspective correction tools in Photoshop and Lightroom.  Keith’s great insights in both the video and the article that hosts it are well worth the time to see.

 Light my Way (HDR Vertorama) – an absolutely breathtaking piece illustrates a terrific written article that discusses in good detail the steps involved in creating the picture.  Klaus Herrmann’s post includes links to previous tutorials he has created on specific features and processes, turning this singular article into a comprehensive piece that reveals as little or as much as the reader is interested in.

 How to Create Professional Time-Lapse Videos From Start to Finish – time lapse videos can deliver spectacular presentations that are dynamic and alive, many of them studying either directly or indirectly the changes in light over time.  This tutorial is the first in a series that takes the visitor through the process of creating this genre of presentation, from industry leader Vincent Laforet partnered with Canon.

 Automatic Exposure Bracketing (AEB) Explained – Alex Wise delivers a concise article that delves into the details on exposure bracketing.  This technique is useful in the field for both conventional digital photography practices, as well as HDR.  Alex delivers his well-written piece with a few of his great shots to illustrate the topic discussed.

 Shooting Portraits in Black & White – Joe Farace shares some great insights and tips into black-and-white portrait photography.  He shares his thoughts in this piece by illustrating the concept with some great example pictures, making this short post one that is quick to take in yet full of great details.

 Halos and HDR, Episode 2: The Photoshop Fix – the dreaded halo effect that sometimes comes up when processing and creating HDR imagery is combated in this video tutorial presented by Blake Rudis.  Blake takes the viewer through the process by showing the workflow he’s created to address this.

 How to Photograph Jewelry – this concise tutorial shares some really terrific insights and tips into the art of photographing jewelry.  Jose Antunes goes into some pretty great detail in this tutorial, showing how you can use inexpensive materials to achieve striking results.


Nikon D7100 — A Definitive Review with Meaty Details [photo comparos + spec highlights] – Chase Jarvis writes and delivers a truly comprehensive review of the latest offering from Nikon in this family of cameras.  Chase’s great article is punctuated by fabulous images that do a great job of illustrating the key points he is talking about.


Largest Photowalk in History Set to Take Place Next Tuesday in San Francisco – I have to say, if there was any way possible for us to attend this we’d be all over it.  The Google+ Photos team along with photographers Thomas Hawk, Trey Ratcliff and Robert Scoble have organized a truly epic event, open to photographs from all genres and interests with the possibility that this might be the largest gathering of this type ever.  If you’re in the area or have a chance to get here, this would definitely be an experience of a lifetime.

Catastrophic lessons in a quake zone – if you only have time to see one post in this week’s list, I really encourage you to select this one.  This profound and poignant piece photographed and written by Jason Lee shares a glimpse into a part of the world affected by an earthquake.  The stories of the survivors and their struggles is brought to life here by Jason’s incredible photography.

Massive hurricane on Saturn captured by Cassini spacecraft – just in case you’ve thought about packing up and moving to Saturn, please be warned that there’s a rather nasty hurricane afoot on the planet.  Nasa has revealed these images of the vortex of this storm, as well as some anecdotal information that shares the true scale and intensity of a storm that is completely unimaginable to us here on little Earth.

Dead Horse Point | Photographer at the Edge of the World | Mission Accomplished | Sunrise at Dead Horse Point – one of my very favorite parts about being involved in photography is rooted in the artist aspect of it.  The same scene or concept can be photographed by different people, each who will create something unique and personal based upon their vision for the work.  This series showcases a set of shots captured by a group of photography friends who recently got together for an adventure.  Each piece in this set can easily stand alone as a masterpiece, but when taken in as a collection it all starts to take on an added dimension.

What a DSLR’s Rolling Shutter Does to a Speaker Playing a 61Hz Tone – I’ve often wondered what a speaker cone looks like when active.  The strange effect of the rolling shutter of the DSLR when capturing high speed video of the speaker cone is presented here in this piece, sure to be the source of amazement for all who visit to see themselves.


Top 20 Earth Pictures found on StumbleUpon – this fabulous compendium of images is curated into a single page for everyone to enjoy.  Each of the images selected and included in this collection meets a specific criteria of quality and views, making for a truly breathtaking set of photographs to view.

 36 Jaw-Dropping Nature Photos – each of the photographs selected for this collection can easily stand as a masterpiece on it’s own.  A series from points all over the world, this set features the incredible beauty and majesty that makes this planet such an amazing and beautiful place to live.

 20 Unusual Churches (Part I) – churches are often photographed for their incredible architectural detailing, many of them designed and created in highly ornate fashion.  This collection features 20 of the most interesting, and completely unique, churches in the world.  Some new, some very old, this is a series sure to be enjoyed by fans of this genre worldwide.


Baby Great Horned Owls in Colorado Springs – Lee Brown takes us along on a journey of discovery and amazement as he shares a great series of photographs featuring a nest full of baby Great Horned Owls.  Lee’s post adds extra depth to the presentation here, giving a glimpse into a little of the life of these beautiful creatures, as well as showing off the incredible cuteness that these little babies truly exhibit.  Terrific details and light here, in challenging conditions, well worth the time for a visit.

 Slave Cabin Sotterley Plantation – a subject after our own heart is shared in this fabulous post by Mark Summerfield.  Mark visits an important historical site, photographing one of the last remaining examples of a cabin used as housing for slaves back when this occurred.  The incredible details in the little cabin are augmented here wonderfully with all the background information that Mark gives on both the structure and the times it was actively used.  Educational and entertaining, this post delivers on all the key elements.

 Washington’s Stonehenge near Maryhill – a gripping and epic vista is shared in this IR photograph created and posted by Scott Wood.  As Scott stands by the Columbia River in Washington State overlooking the rolling landscape, the incredible natural beauty of the setting comes to life in his detailed picture, making for a shot that is a true must-see in this week’s list.

 Love – our very own @tomdinning here on Light Stalking shares a shot and some truly profound words, leaving the visitor with a renewed sense of appreciation for love and life.  Tom is not only a profound photographer, he is also quite the philosopher and this blog post really showcases his wide and varied skill set, making for a brief presentation well worth the time to visit.

 While You Were Sleeping – if you don’t mind a touch of vertigo, you’re in for a real treat with this incredible photograph.  Beno Saradzic dangles off the side of an incredibly tall building in Abu Dhabi and captures a stunning HDR image of the city below, finding the architecture of the city intermingled amongst really interesting clouds, producing a truly dreamy feel.

Death Valley Part II | Death Valley Part III – Jason Hines takes us along as explores this world-famous spot in the wee hours of the morning.  Jason captures a fabulous series of images, some focused on the incredible details that comprise this location, and others giving us a wider overview of the area.  Terrific details and tones are captured in all the pictures, adding a layer of interest to the presentation.

 “Something I Don’t Like” Dandelions – who knew that weeds could be so photogenic?  Howard Jackman takes us along on an exploration of his backyard where he shares a fabulous series of photographs of his dandelion collection.  These close-up macro shots reveal details that would typically be missed my most, making for a really compelling collection to enjoy in this week’s list.

 Dandelion Seeds – while we’re hanging out with the weeds, let’s take a look at a shot posted this week by Scott Wood that features a dandelion gone to seed.  Scott uses a focus stacking technique with this image to ensure the dandelion itself is tack-sharp from front to back, yet the background is completely blurred by the shallow depth-of-focus.  The results are astounding.

 Little florist – you are cordially invited to see one of the cutest cat pictures possibly ever taken.  Zoran Milutinovic delivers a wonderful piece here that finds itself the beneficiary of fabulous photography elements coming together.  The composition Zoran has used does a great job of bringing all the spirit and character of a little fur-friend to life, sure to illicit “awwww’s” from all who pop by to see for themselves.

 the officers mess | light at the end of the tunnel – a fabulous pair of images, both taken at an abandoned fort in Suffolk.  david stoddart’s great shots reveal fabulous details and textures in the weathered fort, sure to be enjoyed by those who love these types of subject.

 Sunset Fever – this great composite shot showcases the incredible architecture of the great city’s marina in Dubai as well as the incredible colors in the sky from the sunset.  Karim Nafatni (GostRidr®) delivers a highly detailed piece here, using subtle processing to create something very unique and compelling while still maintaining a certain level of a natural feel.

 Hampton Rocks – a terrifically dramatic and moody picture is created and shared in this post by Steven Perlmutter.  Steven’s black-and-white shot is taken using a long exposure, turning the vicious waters into a smooth veil hanging over the landscape, all of which is accented in the terrific details in the natural rock formations that create the primary subject.

 Something Wicked This Way Comes – Pete Leong captures a stunning wide panorama of a storm front making it’s way over the landscape.  The incredible drama in the boiling skies creates an instant classic, almost iconic in nature.

Craigdarroch Castle – Victoria, B.C. – my good friend and fellow photography adventurer recently paid our lovely city a visit.  Keith Cuddeback takes friends and family on a sunset shoot where he comes away with a fabulous shot of one of our most famous castles, one that forms a foundation for the history of the city in the context of colonial settlements.  For sake of alternate viewpoints, here is a series we shot of Craigdarroch Castle ourselves.

 Stars & Stripes – in light of everything the city of Boston has been through recently, profound images of patriotism are most definitely well-received.  Edith Levy visits the historic city and finds an archway between the InterContinental and the Boston Harbor Hotel with an American flag hanging in it, and she comes away with a vibrant and detailed shot that features several terrific photography elements.

 Canyo's Heat – the Antelope Canyon in Arizona is an amazing place, a spot I’ve seen many photographs of over the years.  It seems that even though the subject matter may be slightly limited in nature, the results of each photographer’s visit reveals a truly unique view.  Gregory Boratyn comes away from a visit here with a great shot featuring a strong sense of depth in both the colors and tones of the canyon walls, as well as the beautiful palette that reveals itself.

 Ship – the remains of a half-submerged wooden boat sits under a cloak of incredible colors from the evening sky in this photograph by sarawut Intarob.  Fabulous natural tension and drama are all brought out in this image through the perfect composition that sarawut used to capture it.

 Forward Torpedo Room, USS Bowfin, Perl Harbour – submarines have always been a source of intrigue for me, there’s something really compelling about living hundreds of feet under the water and using deductive skills to outwit your foe.  Gerard Pollock captures a great shot of a torpedo room, revealing fabulous details in the engineering and craftsmanship that goes into it’s construct.

 A Land Before Time – this wonderful landscape photograph features the Monument Valley, and all it’s natural colors and details.  Jared Marshall captures a shot that reveals an almost surreal landscape that is absolutely compelling to take in and enjoy.  I believe we even get to see a rattlesnake here that Jared was standing awfully close to; look for it in the frame and tell me if you see it too.

 Toad Eyes – this is a great shot of what is undoubtedly one of my long-lost relatives.  Sure, being a Toad has it’s days, but sometimes you’ve just got to lounge about in the ol’ Lily Pond.  Dirk Seifert captures a great close-up shot that features some of the beautiful details that make up these wonderful creatures… OK, I’m a little biased…  but, it is a great shot, check it out yourself!

 Spring Blast – spring and summer are definitely on their way in here in North America, and signs of color and life are found all over the place.  Rachel Cohen captures a beautiful shot of a cluster of bright and vibrant flowers, just in time for the season.

 The Aftermath by Martin Widlund – an ornately detailed interior featuring fabulous architectural details is explored in this photograph by Martin Widlund.  The beautiful architecture finds itself juxtaposed against the relentless march of decay as time and Mother Nature work together to dismantle that which man originally built.

 The Brilliance of the Organ Mountains – brilliants colors and tones in the fleeting day’s light are captured as they gently illuminate the peaks and tops of the Organ Mountains in this picture from the studio of Helene Kobelnyk.  Great details in the dramatic sky from the fading light work perfectly with the surrounding landscape to present a compelling piece here.

 Nos deux regards au puces de Saint-Ouen | Nos deux regards… – Mathias Lucas and Anne-Laure K. take us along as they explore a flea market, producing two distinctly different views and perceptions of the same venue.  Both Mathias’ and Anne-Laure’s work could easily stand on their own, but when viewed together these pieces deliver a really special presentation.

 A Thrust Of Earth – a craggy and dramatic series of cliffs along Lake Champlain form the perfect subject matter for Andy Gimino to photograph and share here.  Andy’s use of a ND filter results in some terrific long exposure times, smoothing out the surface of both the brooding clouds in the sky above as well as the silky waters below.

 Balea Lake – a lovely bit of architecture sits under the watchful vantage of a beautiful hilly mountain range that makes it’s way down to the waters below.  Tony Goran’s photograph features fabulous colors and details in the building captured, as well as a wonderful reflection that mirrors portions of the image back to the viewer.

 stealing the light – photobypawelp uses exposure blending techniques to create a highly dramatic black-and-white photograph of the inside of an old house, it appears.  Fabulous light streaming in through the old wooden doors drape over a lonely chair in the composition, creating spot-on artistic tension.

 Hillside Barn – the incredible character and persona of old wooden barns is studied in this great pair of shots from Jimi Jones.  Jimi finds a fabulous old barn in a field, and delivers both a color and a black-and-white version to share two distinctive views of the same setting.

 15 Seconds of Bixby – this fabulous blue hour photograph features a great bridge spanning two bluffs that sit by the sea.  As the evening progresses, the lights from the fast moving cars leave behind colorful trails across the bridge, creating a highly compelling scene for Allard Schager to photograph and share here.

 Cars and Girls… – a little humor, some interesting background information and a whole bevy of terrific pictures awaits the visitor in this great post by Phil Kneen.  Phil’s collection of images features abandoned cars in various settings, and through his technical process the end results take on a vintage feel to them.

 A Pirates Life for Me – great tones are captured in this shot that features a view looking down the queue to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World.  The rustic setting created for the attraction delivers a great scene for Marc Perrella to capture and share.

 The Mother of all Power Plants – this post features a great series of images captured inside an unused power plant somewhere in Europe.  The incredible scale of this facility produces a haunting setting for the avid urbex fan, and this terrific collection really showcases some of the fine details of a facility now long unused.
Saint Isaac's. by 612gr, on Flickr

 big dial little dial – really wonderful textures and details are explored in this photograph by david stoddart.  This shot features a close-up view of a pair of gauges, and the composition used to create this picture accents the features being explored in the frame.

 Lost in the Woods – Chris Maskell delivers a rather abstract looking piece in this post that features a collection of Silver Birch trees that Chris very carefully processes.  By combining several post-processing techniques here, he is able to take a frame from nature and really produce some striking fine art to enjoy.

 Rejuvenation – CJ Schmit visits what appears to be an abandoned facility, coming away with a great image that showcases textures and details through the natural weathering process.  CJ’s use of black-and-white in the post-processing phase adds a great element of drama to the scene.

 Multnomah Falls – the absolutely epic beauty of these incredible waterfalls is perfectly captured and presented in this shot by Putt Sakdhnagool.  Subdued tones and vibrant details work together in this picture to deliver a truly breathtaking piece, one sure to spur on many to visit the site personally.

 Thor’s Hammer – Derrick Birdsall captures a great shot of an electrifying lightning strike in this shot, featuring some really incredible colors and tones from the bolt as well as a mesmerizing natural set of lines from the tendrils that cause the viewers imagination to run wild.  What a terrific ethereal picture to take in and enjoy in this week’s list.

 Thunder on the Bradshaws – a stunning shot from the studio of Mike Olbinski that also features personal insight from Mike on the setting and his thoughts.  The results are a profound black-and-white photograph of a lightning strike in the far distance under a storm formation that is truly accented by the words shared.

 Hiking The Navajo Trail At Bryce Canyon – Bryce Canyon is an amazing natural formation, one I visited as a child with my parents.  Anyone who visits this place is left with a lasting impression, as is shared here in this great post from Steve Creek that takes us along on one of the hiking trails in the park.

 Shipwreck – I just love the haunted feel and ethereal setting captured in this fabulous shot by Mikko Lagerstedt.  A lone boat lies prone, half-submerged in the waters it now finds itself part of.  Mikko’s use of long exposure turns the active waters smooth, which naturally draws the viewer straight into the center of the shot, focusing on the great textures, details and story of a vessel now forgotten.

 Aerial acrobatics – this picture from Ari Hazeghi documents the age-old struggle between two bald eagles locked in combat over food.  Considering the highly dynamic nature of the situation, Ari’s perfect composition captures all the inherent drama in an incredible scene.

 Peeling Paint – for those who loves textures and detail in imagery, this is a terrific photograph sure to please.  Steven Perlmutter finds great natural leading lines in his composition that leverages the old support beams, naturally guiding the viewer through the frame.

 Night lights – the northern lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, are masterfully captured in this photograph taken in Norway.  Joris Kiredjian photographs a vista with vibrant colors emanating from the natural light formations, gently draping the incredible landscape below in rich hues and tones.

 Three Buildings in Victoria British Columbia – even though our local architectural history here on Vancouver Island is around 150 years old, there are still some really wonderful buildings and facilities left that reflect this.  Joseph de Lange visits the city and comes away with a great trio of shots that features a few of the iconic buildings in town, processed in black-and-white for a bit of a vintage feel and to capture and express the inherent drama.

 New Life for Old Prints – Andy Hooker (LensScaper) shares a really terrific image and presentation in this post, featuring a large print he took 40 odd years ago.  Andy then photographs the original print using his digital camera and shares the results here.  The natural grain in the old black-and-white print really adds some texture and interest to the scene, one that shares a poignant and profound image with the visitor.

 Self Examination – a simple image of a collection of wine glasses on a table provides a tapestry that Erik Kerstenbeck uses to share some truly profound thoughts and life-lessons.  The shot of the glasses is really quite captivating and when taken in with the really deep thoughts expressed, this post takes on an added dimension.

 Public Safety at the Pike Place Market – fire trucks make for fabulous photography subjects, often bright red in color with great details and features to take in and enjoy.  Spencer McDonald shares a great shot of a fire truck parked in an iconic spot in Seattle, making for a great picture that shares a little of life on the west coast.

 Monument Rocks and the Way – Scott Ackerman creates a breathtaking piece here that features a wonderfully hued night sky filled with stars in the Milky Way atop a natural rock formation on the landscape below.  The merging of the stars in the sky with the earthly rocks below work perfectly in harmony to create a compelling image.

 Early Morning Cherry Blossoms – a beautifully colored, vibrant morning scene is presented in this picture from the studios of Metro DC Photography.  The lights from the monuments captured across the still body of water are gently reflected back to the viewer in this super high-resolution image that is full of great details.

 The Road To Farmville – a vignette and dusty pathway lead the viewer into the heart of the frame here where we find an old wooden barn.  John Sotiriou’s careful processing on this shot manages the tones and feel of the scene captured perfectly to create a personal experience for the viewer.

 Over The Fork – a waterfall, fabulous details and moss covered rocks…  the perfect trifecta for the avid photographer!  Jerry Denham takes us along into the forest where he shares a picture taken of a running stream perfectly accented by the natural items that surround it.

 Fire Rose – a red rose, elegantly and purposefully processed to showcase all it’s raw, natural beauty is featured in this great post from Mark Neal.  The close-up study of the flower performed by Mark here really brings out the vibrant colors and wonderful details.

 Clara – spring blossoms literally explode on the viewer's monitor in this beautiful picture posted by Steve Beal.  These blossoms only appear once a year, and out here on the west coast they disappear as quickly as they came.  Steve’s great shot here captures them in full bloom, making for a shot that will sweep the remainders of the white powder in the snowy corners of our imaginations from the last vestiges of winter.

 Faneuil Hall – selective color can be a powerful tool in the creation of imagery, and Edith Levy’s photograph here is a fabulous example.  Edith’s photograph captured in the marketplace in Boston near the waterfront does a great job of sharing a little of the character of the city in a manner that is highly sympathetic to it’s storied history.

 Mediterranean Sky_V – an old boat lies on it’s side half submerged in this stunning and dramatic shot that exudes artistic tension.  Vassilis Tangoulis’ use of long exposure to create this shot makes the fine details in the decaying vessel literally come to life while smoothing out the background to the point it actually becomes negative space, keeping the viewer engaged on the prime subject.

 It's A Tough Job…. – photography is fun, right, we all love doing it?  Well, when you get a chance to marry two of your passions together in an afternoon of over-the-top fun it takes on a whole new meaning.  Mark Mullen was recently asked to photograph the classic Porsche 911 sports car, and as a result gets a chance to spend the afternoon with an alluring maiden in red…  and in turn he then comes home with some spectacular shots of the car.  Check it out.

 Glowing Barrel – absolutely breathtaking light refracts off the top of a curling wave in this shot that basks in the warm tones and hues of golden light.  David Orias’ image here is absolutely without peer, showcasing the wondrous beauty of the oceans in the world we all call home.

 “Business route” is optimistic – an absolutely top drawer shot is shared here by Melinda Green Harvey who then peppers the dramatic scene with her colorful post.  Melinda has a terrific way of using her incredible imagery as a basis for a poignant and often humorous look at the remnants of life from years now past.

 if you could read my mind… – black-and-white shots of the cities we live in can produce really dramatic and often insightful images.  oneowner shares a pair of images of such, one showcasing the grandeur and beauty of the Kodak building, and the other showing a vantage looking out into a landscape that leaves the viewer with as many questions unanswered as answered.

 Cardinal Close-Up – there’s just something inherently beautiful in the cardinal bird family.  Bright red feathers form their outer clothing, and engaged and energetic eyes are the windows into their souls.  Kerri Farley captures a fabulous shot of this bird, exposing great details in both it’s features and character.

 Zoom Zoom – a terrific old badge on a car denoting the V8 that still does or once did live under it’s hood is the prime subject in this fabulous shot from the studio of Beverly Everson.  The patina from the weathering works flawlessly together with the rich tones of the picture, showcasing the ornament in a way that delivers a bit of the feel of the era it originated in.

 Badwater Basin, Death Valley National Park – Anne McKinnell is out on a wild adventure filled with photography, and she’s been sharing these experiences with us on her blog.  This post features a series of shots taken in the famous Badwater Basin, showcasing the incredible landscapes punctuated with the salt formations that make this area so well-known.

 Feeding Frenzy – nature is amazing on so many levels, as exemplified in this great shot from Laurie MacBride.  As the new birds start their journeys of self-discovery, busy bird parents are relentlessly badgered by the young ones, and this really stellar shot by Laurie shares a little of this spirit.

 A postcard from Seattle – the spectacular Seattle city skyline creates the perfect subject to stand against the epic backdrop of the majestic mountains the area is famous for in this breathtaking piece by Scott Wood.  As the Space Needle stands tall and proud in the frame, the surrounding elements of the scene come together in a shot that is, indeed, postcard worthy.

 Ogden Point Frame – Ogden Point is a busy terminus here in Victoria, playing host to all sorts of visitors and activities.  It’s not unusual to see the helicopters buzzing overhead as they take off and land with important people and cargo, and all the cruise ships dock here while visiting the city.  Local photography Ehpem captures a frame of the point that really shares a glimpse of oceanside life here on the coast.

 …Bring May Flowers – Erin Duke has a terrific gift with her photography, and this photograph is a great example of why.  Erin’s Oriental Lilies in her garden find themselves one day peppered in raindrops after a spring shower, and Erin takes advantage of the opportunity to share a picture full of vibrant colors and beauty.

 Skyline, Detroit, 2013 – I just love the natural tension that a shot like this brings out.  Ren Bostelaar shares a picture here processed in black-and-white that is of a viewfinder overlooking the city of Detroit.  Ren’s perfect composition and shallow depth-of-focus work together in harmony to really create a compelling picture in this post.

 Sunset on the Panama Canal – Jim Nix shares a beautiful sunset hanging over the world-famous Panama Canal.  As the boats make their way into the canal-proper, they set up for their pending maneuvers and Jim’s great picture here shares a terrific impression of this.

 Triptych_01 – I actually believe there is a true lunatic standing on the wing of this aerobatic airplane performing incredible maneuvers.  Perry Bailey creates a terrific triptych presentation of three frames of the plane in flight, making for a unique and highly compelling presentation I truly enjoyed.


Some Thoughts on Having Photographs Go Viral on the Internet – for many, the notion of having your work go viral is the cornucopia that will lead to untold fame and riches.  The truth, as with many things in life, is there is a balance to this notion as well as a series of side-effects.  Some of these side-effects may be less than desirable, although living and participating in the modern world may preclude any form of control over the issue.  This is a very interesting blog post that discusses this phenomenon, and at the very least will leave the reader with a series of questions that are well worth looking at.

Ghost town of Superstorm Sandy – a terrific piece that discusses and shares photographs from the area hit by the Superstorm Sandy recently.  As the rebuilding continues Shannon Stapleton visits to grab some current photos and discuss the efforts underway.

 Check Out How the Pros Used to Capture Space Shuttle Launches in the 1980s – this terrific presentation showcases the people and the equipment that were used to photograph space shuttle launches.  The wide types and varieties of gear employed and the processes used to capture the still pictures and film are all shared in this video feature.

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