Get in Quick for This Week’s Discounts in the World of Photography (From Around the Net)


Photography is such a huge industry that there are always great deals happening around the place. The problem is that it's easy to miss them unless you're really putting some time into searching them out. Well, this post is a bit of an experiment for Light Stalking – we decided to search out the ones we can find and present the current deals in the world of photography and some offers that are ending. If it turns out to be popular and you find it useful (and you let us know about other deals we should be listing) then we'll try to make it a regular thing.

A lot of these links are affiliate links meaning we get a commission if you decide to buy the product.

Photography Education Discounts

27% off Understanding Composition at Photzy

  • Take Control of Your Photographic Efforts!
  • Learn What Composition is!
  • Learn How to Spot it in a Scene!
  • Most Importantly – Learn How to Make it WORK for YOU!

62% Off the Striking the Pose Ebook bundle at Digital Photography School


Steve Barardi's new series Fotozaar is epic and he reached out to us to offer a limited discount to Light Stalking readers until May 1. Just enter the coupon code LIGHTSTALKING23 to get a 30% discount.


The ENTIRE Ed Verosky eBook Collection is being taken off the market as individual ebooks this month so this is your last chance to grab them individually.

Photography Gear Discounts

25% of Winter Wonder Premium Presets for Lightroom at Presetify (Valid until March 3) (Was $38. Now $28.50) Use coupon code: ls240214

45% off the Polaris SPD100 Digital Exposure Meter on Amazon (Was $309.95. Now $171.36)

43% off the Domke 700-53S F-5XC Large Shoulder Bag – Sand (Was $154.99. Now $88.28)

If you know of a photography related product that is currently on discount or want to get your own on a post like this one, then drop us a line at [email protected] to let us know.

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Rob–speaking of gear, is there a place on Lightstalking or elsewhere to pick peoples brains for gear recommendations? I know that I am overwhelmed by mountains of specs that may or may not be meaningful in real life, and directly conflicting reviews. And that is only for an ND filter! It would really help to be able to ask a few questions and get some practical advice. Thanks.

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