Gone in 60 Seconds: Thieves Take $50K of Camera Store Equipment in One Minute


Camera stores are often targeted by thieves looking for a quick buck and a fast getaway.

But this one takes the cake.

black and gray sony video camera
Image by Nicolas Postiglioni

These thieves not only cleared a camera store out of $USD 50k in inventory but did it all in 60 seconds in what can only be a targeted, precision robbery.

The robbery took place at Hunt’s Photo and Video in Manchester, New Hampshire in the United States. NBC10 Boston initially broke the story and published the CCTV video captured of the theft.

Using an ax to break through the front of the store, the thieves then move on to the display cases, smashing each in turn and filling empty boxes they brought along with the loot. It is all very coordinated and professional when viewed on the security footage which makes it that much more disconcerting for camera store owners who worry about their wares.

Camera store robberies are not uncommon because they are so lucrative and there are huge markets for the stolen gear. Buyers often don't even know their camera is stolen until they attempt to have it repaired or serviced which can be a pretty big shock. Then again, if the price is too good to be true…

For Hunt’s, this robbery comes four months after another robbery at the camera store netted that group $USD 50,000 as well. According to DPReview, Manchester police and Hunt’s Photo and Video are working together to determine whether or not the two robberies are related to one another.

Even though Hunt’s uses the latest in security cameras, the robbers were pretty well obscured, making positive identification nearly impossible to achieve. One robber’s face was partially revealed but there aren’t any leads in the case as of press.

You can view the CCTV footage of the robbery on YouTube by clicking here.

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