Google Finally Debuts Long-Awaited Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro Smartphones


Google couldn’t let Apple hog the spotlight with their new line of Macbook Pros so, in good form, the search giant decided to debut their new Pixel 6 smartphones today.

Photo by Pixel 6 from Google.

And, like Cupertino, Google’s latest gadgets are marked by the use of the company’s own internal chip, in this case, the Tensor. As we have reported, this new development is expected to pay huge dividends in the photography and videography department, and the official specs look promising in this area.

First, we should point out that the camera bar design is official and it is still to be seen whether Google’s choice of an optical brick on the back is the best route going forward. While other manufacturers are hiding their cameras, Google is choosing a bolder aesthetic and unabashedly showing off Pixel’s cameras.

Starting at $USD 599 and $USD 899 respectively, the Pixel 6 is the entry-level model while the Pixel 6 Pro is, as the name suggests, the top-of-the-line version.

Both models use a wide camera 50MP 1/1.31” sensor with a 26mm full-frame equivalent focal length (F1.85 aperture), ultrawide camera module with a 12MP sensor with a 114-degree field of view (F2.2 aperture), and a Pixel 6 Pro exclusive 4x telephoto module with a 48MP 1/2” image sensor giving a 104mm full-frame equivalent focal length (F3.5 aperture).

In terms of new photo and video features that come with these phones, Google showed off a “Face Unblur” feature that does exactly what it promises while another tool, called the “Magic Eraser” makes it easier than ever before to remove elements from a photograph. There’s another really cool mode called “Motion Mode” where the phone detects what elements of the photograph should remain stationary as opposed to in motion. The company also showed off its new “Real Tone” feature that hopes to more accurately capture the vast variety and nuance of the many skin tones people can have.

You can watch a video discussing the new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro at this link right here.

You can also preorder your unit at this link if you like.

Are you looking forward to the Google Pixel 6 upgrade? Let us know your thoughts on Google’s latest smartphone in the comments below.

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