Google Pixel 3 Dropping Pictures Out of Nowhere? Join the Crowd


Did you recently pick up one of Google’s brand new, flagship Pixel 3 smartphones?

Image via Google.

You might want to hold off on taking any “precious moments” using its camera – at least until the company releases a patch fixing the current issue. And, given how awesome the smartphone’s camera features are, that might be hard.

Users who had picked up the new Pixel 3, as early adopters are wont to do, are now reporting a bug wherein the phone snaps a picture then it doesn't successfully save to the camera’s folder.

In effect, it was as if the picture was never taken in the first place. Sometimes that can be a good thing but it’s probably not the best quirk to have lurking in the background.

Currently, this is affecting the new Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, but reports concerning the Pixel 2 and 2 XL, as well as other Android headsets, has emerged, pointing to a software defect.

The company is not taking the bug lightly and promises an imminent update to the phone. Apparently, the issue arose with how the Android smartphones process images. If the app is closed too early, the HDR may not have finished with the image, and thus it won’t be saved at all. The Verge report suggests fixes, include waiting for the camera to take and save the photo before closing the app as well as disabling the HDR feature.

An update for Android should roll out shortly to take care of the issue.

Other than this hiccup, most reports about Google’s new series of Pixel smartphones received nothing but glowing reviews and press. But that seems to be changing now. To Google's credit, the issue doesn’t just affect the flagship models and is more widespread, taking some pressure off of the marquee products.

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