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Another wonderful week has passed in the world of photography and Toad Hollow Photography has been busy searching for links to tutorials, special features, great photography and interesting blogs to share with everyone.  We really hope you enjoy checking out some of these terrific pictures and posts from some gifted artists as much as the Toad did in bringing this list to you.


How to Use Converging Lines to Add Interest to Your Photos – this short article discusses the use of converging lines in compositions.  In some cases they can add an element of dynamism to an image and help draw the viewers eye into the heart of the frame.  This brief piece covers the key points of this in a way that’s easy to understand and apply.

Secrets to Crafting Top-Quality Beauty Portraits – this fairly detailed article reveals some of the mysteries and questions that surround this particular genre of image creation.  Videos and still examples are provided to illustrate the prime points discussed in the article, creating a comprehensive piece on this topic.


Fun in the Mud – Saturday Night Rodeo – an intense series of photographs takes you right to a mud-filled romp in Utah where all the action comes to life through the lens of Howard Jackman.  This completely comprehensive collection delivers the entire experience in-depth creating a fully immersive post.


Snowy Owl – Walking and Talking – an incredible Snowy Owl walks with a sense of purpose straight towards the camera.  Deep snow creates a completely contrast-free setting for this perfect shot, and Rick Dobson takes full advantage of the raw tension in this magical scene.

Shooting on the Edge – strong layers in a photograph help to create a sense of depth and distance in landscapes, as is the case in this stunning picture by Mike Criswell.  The natural beauty of the vista captured here takes on a bit of an abstract feel in spots, but also showcases the splendid beauty of the natural rock formations of the park.

Déambulation à Lyon – Mathias Lucas brings us along as he explores the lovely city of Lyon, France.  His photos do a terrific job of sharing the character and intrigue of the city, leaving the viewer with the feeling they’ve been on an adventure themselves.

underneath the arches – a wonderful yet dark feeling piece is presented here by David Stoddart who takes us underneath the arches of a brick facility of sorts.  Terrific details and textures are all explored in this photograph, showcasing the inherent qualities of the site that make it so captivating to take in.

Are you looking at me? – a photo so detailed you swear you can see each and every whisker on the squirrels face in this shot by Brenda Widdess.  The way the little creature is looking back at the camera adds a perfect dash of artistic tension to the picture.

Road… – an old road meanders through the scene, cutting the picture in half and creating a perfect natural leading line to guide the viewer.  Krzysztof Browko’s shot features vibrant greens in the colorful countryside and a wonderful mansion perched atop the hill in the distance.

Ronceverte Christian Church – a lovely and quaint heritage church sits perched atop a hill, displaying the terrific character evident in this architectural style.  Wonderful details and textures in the wood and stone construction all come to life in this great shot by Mark Summerfield.


José Manuel Ríos Valiente –
Locked heart

on Flickr

South Main from the Choir Loft – Tim Stanley takes us right into the interior of a wonderful church in Houston, Texas.  The incredible details that can only be found in the classic construction of this type is perfectly accented in Tim’s great photograph.

Arch Bridge – Acadia National Park – Wayne Beauregard captures and shares a great shot of an old stone bridge in the iconic Acadia National Park.  The perfect blending of architecture works in harmony with the natural beauty in the surroundings to create a piece that fits in very sympathetically with the landscape.

Waterfall Banff National Park – amazing colors and details in the natural landscapes of Banff National Park are brought to life in this epic shot from Rick Louie.  The long exposure used to capture the piece turns the rushing waters into a veil that works in perfect harmony with the beautiful landscape to cast a stunning image.

The Last Survivor – a deeply moody and ethereal piece by José Ramos features incredible leading lines and a mesmerizing vanishing point, framed by the silky smooth waters created by the long exposure.  Wooden remains of piers create incredible natural tension and drama, pulling the viewer into the frame to become a part of it.

Road Trip – hop right into the truck with Jimi Jones in this great shot as he travels along country roads in the heart of autumn.  Stunning details in the trees flanking the roadway work in unison with the vibrant colors of the foliage to deliver a stunning piece sure to be enjoyed by all.

Spiral Light – Bob Lussier’s great shot showcases studies in shapes, lines, light and color in a picture that features a wonderful old wooden spiral staircase.  Perspective is lost on the viewer with the composition Bob used, making for a shot that is as mesmerizing as it is captivating.

Red sun – a haunting piece finds us looking out over the incredible city of Barcelona as the sun begins to rise, casting a dramatic vibrant red hue over the landscape.  Albert Vàzquez has created a piece that features several great elements; architecture, the early morning sun with a wisp of a cloud over it, all under a brooding sky with great cloud formations.

Through the Glass – Rob Hanson uses the remains of old and decaying windows to create a perfect natural frame for the viewer to follow in this great shot.  A strong sense of artistic tension comes to life in this shot as we wonder about who lived there and how this once lovely home got into this particular state.

Moraine Lake – the epic beauty in the glass blue waters that form Moraine Lake in the Canadian Rockies is captured in a stunning photograph by Harold Spierenburg.  The rugged majestic peaks that form an enclosure for this gorgeous lake juxtapose against the softness of the water and the reflections it creates.

Under the Stairs – incredible craftsmanship is featured in this shot that looks up an incredible spiral staircase.  Steven Perlmutter’s photograph takes advantage of the original woodwork in this historic building, showcasing great textures and details.

Intricately Carved Door – lines and architecture work in harmony to create framing for a peek inside a shot that takes the viewer through layers of doorways.  David A Lockwood’s use of black-and-white for this shot creates great depth and dimension through the control of contrast.

A Quick Peek – an amazing shot features an incredible Eurasian Eagle Owl as it peeks out from behind the curtain of a tree trunk, just long enough for photographer Harry Eggens to grab this breathtaking piece.  The natural tension in the photo from the look on this owl’s face draws you right in, making it more than just viewing an image; it’s an experience.

The Grey Man Arrives Early To Avoid The Crowds – an instant classic in this running series by Mark Garbowski finds the Grey Man walking with a determined stride straight towards the Rockefeller Center in New York.  The artistic tension in this great black-and-white truly delivers a vintage style image, very sympathetic to the theme worked on in the series.

Sunset over Tempe Town Lake – Mike Olbinski finds himself with a dramatic and vibrant sunset under a fluid and dynamic sky.  The intense sense of motion in the red sky contrasts against the crisp outlines below to deliver a strong image.

Mt. Rainier Eruption – a great infrared shot by Scott Wood features the beautiful landscape of this iconic volcano captured in a different light spectrum.  A cloud lingers over the top of the mountain, creating the unique impression that an active eruption is underway.

Parks and Recreation – local photographer Kurt Knock shares an awesome set of photographs he took recently for the municipality we call home.  Kurt is a master of light, and this large series of photographs showcases his skill and style in a great way.

The Red House (Infrared effect) – a totally striking shot captured using infrared delivers a landscape scene that has a distinctly otherworldly feel.  Alfon No’s shot highlights the colors of the house in the scene, and also features a stunning reflection in the still waters to add a great element to the picture.


sabin paul croce –
on Flickr


An Eagle Steals a Camera, Flies Around 70 Miles of Australia with It – a wonderful piece that talks about and gives a brief clip showing what happens when an eagle absconds with a remote camera and takes it on a huge adventure.

Reuters’ Most Memorable Photos – 2013 – as you would expect, this is an utterly amazing collection of photographs.  Each of the images selected for inclusion in the list tells an instant story, many of them making you stop in your tracks to fully absorb the enormity of it all.

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