Wild Photos of Freaky Harajuku Fashion


If you ever get to Japan and you like taking photos of people, then Harajuku in Tokyo is an absolute must see. The cosplay, gothic lolita, visual kei and decora fashion sub-cultures of Japan gather there every Sunday (and quite a lot during other times) in a bid to out-do each other in the freaky fashion stakes. And it's a photographer's dream!


Photo by Mushi King

japanese cosplay as Reita from The Gazette ?

Photo by Colodio

Young Harajuku Girls

Photo by ThisParticularGreg


Photo by Beggs

Red eyes

Photo by Mushi King

Harajuku style

Photo by Kiainet

Photo by Gaudencio Garcinuño

the preparation

Photo by Jesslee Cuizon


Photo by Bass_nroll

the clouds, they follow me - Harajuku

Photo by Sushicam

cutie lolita

Photo by Jesslee Cuizon

Cosplay Kid with Contacts, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan

Photo by Lee LeFever

Who's that girl ?

Photo by Colodio

Stars in Her Eyes

Photo by Mushi King

Photo by Dick Thomas Johnson

Blue mop top

Photo by Mushi King

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This is a really awesome page; I just LOVE Harajuku fashion!
It’s really cool that the Japanese can actually pull of these styles. Thumbs up for this page. 😀

These are wonderful photos. The Japanese do cosplay the best because they go all out with it. Then again…their fashions in general just look great because of all the time and effort put into it.

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