27 Tweets About the Harsh Realities of Being a Photographer


Photography is the best hobby in the world (we're biased of course, but deal with it), but as with anything, when you start to really get serious about it, as with anything, it can have its challenges. Add to that the stresses of becoming a professional photographer and certain aspects of the industry and craft can get a little overwhelming at times.

The interesting thing is that the trials of photography often fall into recurring categories. So as part warning, part commiseration and in the spirit of solidarity and camaraderie those who are having a tough time, we decided to collate a few Tweets from those photographer who can reveal those trials for newer photographers who are perhaps feeling a little isolated.

Fear not, you are not alone and we are all in this together!

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc 

Now, with these setbacks revealed, it's important to stress that there are a LOT more people talking about the positive aspects of being a photographer. It is indeed a wonderful way to spend your time. Just be slightly wary that it's not all roses all of the time and you will be fine. And remember, if you're having a hard time, you're not alone!

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