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13 Imposing Images of the Himalayas

While the Himalayas are a Mecca for mountain climbers, many photographers also flock there every year in search of the perfect mountain shot. The conditions present a huge challenge for photographers, but many manage to come away with some spectacular shots of the terrain and the people. Check out this collection of photos from the Himalayas and then go and book your tickets!

Himalaya, Ladahk
Photo by A Natural Thing
Himalaya, Ladahk
Photo by A Natural Thing
On Top of the World (1978)
Photo by Collin Key
Photo by Tim Stevenson
Two friends - Contigo, pan y cebolla - Durch dick und dünn
Photo by Daniela Hartman
Kangchenjunga, Himalayas
Photo by A. Ostrovsky
Photo by Wonker
Rhododendron and Himalayas
Photo by Andrew Miller
The Himalayas summed up in one picture!
Photo by Steve Hicks
喜马拉雅群山(Himalayan Mountains )Tibet
Photo by Utpala
Auli scenery
Photo by Corby Ziesman
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