10 Colourful and Uplifting Photos of Hot Air Balloons


Hot air balloons are such a great subject for any outdoor photographer. Usually the colour richness and contrasts make for eye-popping effects that are difficult to find elsewhere and the fact that you have to shoot in the golden hour when balloonists are usually most active makes the subject even more spectacular. These photos show just what can be done with such a great subject.

Dreamin' - Hot Air Balloon Rides
Photo by Jesse Millan
Mass Ascension
Photo by a4gpa
Balloon Mob
Photo by a4gpa
8.4.2010 <balloons & corn> 202/365
Photo by Phil Roeder
Hot Air Balloon, Fire in the Hole
Photo by Beverly & Pack
Air traffic. Greenhouse. Sunset.
Photo by Eddy Van 3000
Mount Timpanogos - 03/17/07
Photo by a4gpa
dawn patrol
Photo by Chicadecasa
Photo by Desmond Kavanagh
Central Texas Ballooning Association Annual Lake Travis "Fly-Over" #2
Photo by Roy Niswanger

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All the photos are amazing, very colorful. I love adventure sports. Hot air ballooning is something which I have never tried. After seeing the pics it has become my burning desire to try atleast once in my life. Thanks for posting.

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