22 Creative and Magical Shots of Ice


Ice is kind of a mysterious thing, the solid form of water and steam, it can take on near magical appearances that change every few seconds as it continues to melt, or freeze harder. It's translucent properties also mean that surrounding colors heavily influence how ice appears.  Enjoy these 22 great shots of ice and take notice and appreciation to both naturally forming and man made ice.

Jurassic ice

Photo by Robert in Toronto


Photo by Niffty..

Ice Tree

Photo by Osman Rana

Frosted Daisy

Photo by Maschinenraum

Forêt de givre - Crystal Forest

Photo by monteregina

Flaque gelée - Frozen Puddle

Photo by monteregina

Lobby of the Ice Hotel

Photo by melolou

Looking Over The Edge

Photo by erin mckenna 

Photo by Sirkku 🙂

Silver Crystals - Cristaux d'argent

Photo by monteregina

gift from an unknown spider

Photo by Robert in Toronto

Icicle Macro

Photo by Kevin Eddy

Ice Feathers

Photo by *clairity*

Cool down

Photo by papaija2008

dandy drop

Photo by Steve took it

Frost on a pine needle

Photo by Lida Rose

Frozen rain

Photo by plousia


Photo by l~~~{G}~~~l

Photo by ebergcanada

Photo by Sergey Pesterev

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