21 Magical Photos Of Icicles


Winter season brings us many exciting opportunities to improve our photography or try something creative and step out of our comfort zone. Snow is somewhat tricky to photograph because it's easy to overexpose images with snow or have issues picking the right white balance, but how about icicles?

They are beautiful because they are very transient, and it might be hard to focus on them properly because they are transparent. But exactly for this reason, you should try to capture some magical shots of icicles. They come in various shapes and sizes, and some of them are crystal clear, while others are more opaque.

Check out the following 21 gorgeous photographs of icicles! If you're still stuck in a creative rut, you should also take a look at the “Creativity Catalogue” by Photzy so you can open your mind to new ideas and projects.

dark blue icicles
Photo by Kiwihug
bird with icicles
Photo by Joshua Cotten
icicles on the roof
Photo by Asa Steinarsdottir
icicles closeup
Photo by Robert Zunikoff
icicles tree branches
Photo by Kiwihug
icicles with sunset
Photo by Oleg Gospodarec
vibrant blue icicles
Photo by Omri D. Cohen
gorgeous icy landscape
Photo by S Mazzikim
wall of icicles
Photo by Jacob Campbell
icicles on the roof
Photo by Izzy Park
human silhouette with icicles
Photo by Kiwihug

Don't know what to shoot and how to do it? “The Creativity Catalogue” by Photzy is intended to give you that kick-start towards stimulating your own ideas and projects.

frozen flower
Photo by Thomas Park
icicle frozen waterfall
Photo by Joseph Lamps
closeup sharp and long icicles
Photo by Clement Remond
thin and fragile icicles
Photo by Phil Hearing
frozen water droplet
Photo by Emanuel Haas
ice crystals with soft backlighting
Photo by Andrea Braeuninger
majestic icicles in nature
Photo by Tony L
cute small icicles
Photo by Julian
cave with icicles
Photo by Kelly Sikkema
closeup of long icicles
Photo by Max Shturma

“The Creativity Catalogue” by Photzy will give you some fantastic ideas to improve your icicle photography! This 207-page guide covers 20 chapters of creativity-sparking assignments and ideas.

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