Colour Explosion: 26 Photos of Insects on Flowers


When you're lucky enough to see an insect settle on a flower when you're out shooting, it presents you with a great opportunity for a very interesting and colourful photograph. From past experience here on Light Stalking, it's also likely to be a very popular photograph among those you show. We never get sick of macro bugs (and we even have some tips on photographing insects) so today we thought we would share a few that happened to land on flowers.

Photo by Adriano Aurelio Araujo
Photo by Lali Masriera
Photo by Olivier Bacquet
Photo by Eddy Van 3000
photo by Vicente Villamรณn
Photo by peasap
Photo by Ajith U
Photo by Jeff Kubina
Photo by Sabrina Campagna
Photo by Chris Bartnik
Photo by Randen Pederso
Photo by Jim McCulloch
Photo by peasap
Photo by Robin
Photo by Jenny Pansing
Photo by Angel Visha
Photo by Vincent Lock
Photo by Andrea
Photo by Thomas Bresson
Photo by Claudio Gennar
Photo by Thomas Bresson
Photo by Tanakawho
Photo by Andrea
Photo by SH
Photo by Umberto Salvagnin
Photo by Randen Pederson

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