Colour Explosion: Photos of Insects on Flowers


When you're lucky enough to see an insect settle on a flower when you're out shooting, it presents you with a great opportunity for a very interesting and colourful photograph. From past experience here on Light Stalking, it's also likely to be a very popular photograph among those you show. We never get sick of macro bugs (and we even have some tips on photographing insects) so today we thought we would share a few that happened to land on flowers.

Flor concorrida / Rush hour
Photo by Adriano Aurelio Araujo
scums:heal the world
Photo by Lali Masriera
Photo by Olivier Bacquet
the wings-become-windows butterfly.
Photo by Eddy Van 3000
Avispa, Wasp.
Photo by Vicente Villamón
Ladybug Fly Away Home
Photo by peasap
Straight swift Parnara bada
Photo by Ajith U
Hoverfly Sucking Nectar
Photo by Sabrina Campagna
D like Dragonfly :)
Photo by Chris Bartnik

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Insects photos are fascinating by opening a window to another dimension of our universe. Here are some insects portraits that I found simply awsome

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