Instagram Introduces New “Threads” App for Messaging Friends


Instagram looks set to expand its suite of services and this one is really just a natural progression to its current lineup of the mainline app plus IGTV and some editing apps.

Bartek Wojtas from Pexels.

Called Threads, Instagram’s latest app is a messaging service for close friends and, we assume, others that will even feature a status update system a la AOL Instant Messenger for those of us that have long memories. It also seems to be a little redundant with Facebook’s other messaging service WhatsApp so what gives?

Apparently it will be a little bit more than just that.

It will act as a kind of Snapchat-esque messaging service that integrates video and photos as well as location-based things such as letting people know when you’re nearby, among other things.

This feature is called Status and Auto-Status respectively and incorporates emojis to instantly convey whatever activity the user is engaged in at the moment.

Director of consumer product management Robby Stein told The Verge’s Josh Constine, “If most of your messages only go to a couple of people, why isn’t the experience built around that? Having more of a connection through the day…even if you don’t have time for a conversation.”

All in all, it has some people kind of excited and others scratching their heads.

One thing The Verge highlights is that, if it isn’t popular, Instagram could just roll Threads’ most popular features back into the main app and ditch the new concept.

Of course, the more features you tack on to Instagram the more it looks like parent social media platform Facebook and a lot less like the minimalist, photo-oriented app that was its origins. Threads is available for download now on iOS and Android smartphones.

What do you think? Does Instagram Threads sound like something you would be interested in downloading? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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