Instagram Might Make All Video Uploads Reels Moving Forward


Instagram’s announcement that its future was video caused quite a stir a year back but absolutely nothing has deterred that push forward and today’s headline is perhaps the single biggest indicator of that.

User uploading video to app. Photo by June Aye.

In what many are calling a major shift in how Instagram handles video posts, the app is testing a shift of video content entirely over to its popular Reels format. You might recall Reels is Instagram’s TikTok competitor and, according to many sources, a major area of growth for the platform.

What brought this change aside from emphasizing its TikTok alternative? To make video uploads simpler, of course.

As TechCrunch points out, such a move not only makes this simpler, but it unifies all of Instagram’s video content into one location which, admittedly, is a whole lot more user-friendly than having it scattered in different sections. The only issue we might see there is that we thought “video” uploads were supposed to be somewhat different in terms of style and content than Reels which are more like TikTok-esque skits and video memes. But who knows, we’re not the experts that’s for sure.

Will this test become permanent? Probably but we’ll have to wait and see to report it officially. What we do know is that most of these widespread tests aligned towards Instagram’s ultimate goals do end up becoming reality. It wouldn’t surprise us one bit if Reels becomes the home for all things video on Instagram.

Do you have any experience with Instagram Reels? Let us know your thoughts on Instagram’s various features in the comments below.

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