Instagram Starting to Show Off Suggested Threads to Give Meta’s New App a Life


It started with a bang and now it’s sort of still there but Meta’s X (formerly known as Twitter) competitor Threads is chugging right along with updates and integrations with the company’s other apps, namely Instagram. 

selective focus photography of white threads
Selective focus photography of white threads. Photo by K15 Photos

Suggested Threads are now appearing in Instagram suggestion carousels, TechCrunch reports, as Meta seeks to drive engagement and adoption of its latest brainwave. This is part of a raft of features that will be rolled out over the coming months to make all of Meta’s platforms work together and allow for easier content sharing among them including other features.  

The platform also recently introduced a much-needed desktop version and has promised a slew of other updates on the way but the general lag between the app’s initial popularity and the inertia that some are experiencing now has dampened that initial fervor somewhat. 

It has also made everyone ask why they need another social media service and, in this specific case, if another app entirely is warranted when many of these functionalities could be rolled into Instagram proper. 

TechCrunch further reiterates the company’s commitment to making Threads happen and in a big way. That could take some time as the ecosystem builds itself out. Also, it helps to keep in mind that, due to the relative “newness” of the platform, it isn’t integrated with many social media management apps. Perhaps when that happens, and large brands are able to interact at scale, the numbers will change up but, until then, it’s a wait-and-see type of thing. 

Have you started using Threads? Do you think it’s necessary to have that kind of thing as a separate app or should it be part of Instagram proper? Let us know your thoughts on that in the comments.

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