Intel Eliminating Some of Its Artificial Intelligence Ambitions in a RealSense


Intel might be doubling down on its core business and jettisoning its AI-based camera ambitions in the process.

Intel computer processor in selective color photography
Photo by Slejven Djurakovic.

Specifically, the company is closing its RealSense artificial intelligence-powered cameras that, among other things, were used for the development of facial recognition technology. In a statement to CRN confirming the closure, Intel said it would meet current obligations with regard to RealSense but that, moving forward, there is no future for the division. The company further stated that it would shift talent around in the company and incorporate what it learned from its brief dalliance with AI camera tech.  

To be fair, Intel’s RealSense had some pretty cool concepts behind it just not enough sales it seems to justify keeping it going. Outside of facial recognition technology that the company hoped would enable real-time payments using an account holder’s face, RealSense was also marketed as a quick way to develop products using LiDAR, stereoscopic and coded light cameras. 

Sophisticated stuff to be sure but probably not nearly as large (or as lucrative) as the semiconductor industry which is experiencing record demand and profits. 

As multiple outlets are pointing out, there were signs something was amiss when the head of RealSense and general manager of Intel’s Emerging Growth and Incubation group, Sagi Ben Moshe, announced he was leaving the company after 10 years. 

And the recent promises by CEO Pat Geisinger to return Intel to dominance PCs and servers don’t leave a lot of room for developing nascent camera technology – especially with competition as intense as it is in both fields. 

What do you think the future holds for AI and camera technology? Let us know your predictions in the comments.

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