Is Apple Watch Getting a Camera?


Patents don’t always result in reality but sometimes it is awesome to dream.

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Image by Daniel Korpai

Is a camera coming to the Apple Watch?

A recent patent filing seems to say yes and that could be a pretty cool addition to the timepiece from Cupertino.

As one of the world’s most popular electronic accessories – and a huge seller for Apple – the Watch has incrementally added functionality over the years that brings it more in line with a personal assistant and smartphone accompaniment than anything else.

But it seems like that might be changing as it becomes more integral to streaming music and, now, possibly a camera on it as well. What is really intriguing about the Apple Watch patent is where the camera is located.

Rather than putting it on the face, the camera is actually on the Apple Watch wrist band with the watch face being the view screen you use to get your picture. It doesn’t stop there, FStoppers reports that the patent discusses “dual cameras that would act as a 360-degree camera for video, actions such a pinching the watchband and verbal commands to capture photos and videos.”

That sounds half cool, half…strange? Whatever happens, we’re sure Apple will make it work out.

The bigger question is what kind of impact this could have on services like Instagram and Facebook, among others. Maybe Apple is seeing it as something used for live streaming and stuff like that?

It was probably inevitable that a camera would be added to an Apple Watch eventually but how it is actually used remains to be seen.

You can view the patent image by clicking here.

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