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Why Kenya Should Be on Your Photography Bucket List: 25 Stunning Shots

Located in eastern Africa, Kenya is perhaps one of the most beautiful countries in the world.  Among the rich natural resources like coffee, wildlife is what attracts most visitors, and the stunning sunrises along the Indian ocean.  It's often been said that it's impossible to get a bad shot while photographing in Africa, and these photos of Kenya seem to prove that.  Make sure your passport is updated and schedule a few weeks sometime within your lifetime to get to Kenya and enjoy its beauty.


Photo By aftab.

My island, my cloud, my life - Meine Insel, meine Wolke, mein Leben

Photo By alles-schlumpf


Photo By Zoriah

Kenya Silhouette

Photo By lensbug.chandru

Sunset in Kenya - Masai Mara

Photo By [email protected]

Zebra crossing - Zebrastreifen

Photo By alles-schlumpf

The caravan passes - Die Karawane zieht weiter

Photo By alles-schlumpf

joyful dancer

Photo By angela7dreams

Sleeping Lion

Photo By autan


Photo By Zoriah

Flamingo Trott

Photo By Picture Taker 2

Reflecting Hyaena

Photo By Picture Taker 2

Rainbow Grazers

Photo By aftab.


Photo By lensbug.chandru

Photo By Irina Anastasiu

Mt Kilimanjaro 1

Photo By Tambako the Jaguar

I want to ride my bicycle where I like - Radeln

Photo By alles-schlumpf

Lonely Walk

Photo By lensbug.chandru

Tsavo Reflection.jpg

Photo By SteveMcN


Photo By rogiro

African Sunrise !

Photo By Mara 1

I want a Cuddle !

Photo By Mara 1

Coping with Disaster: Sandstorm in Kenya

Photo By United Nations Photo

Something to Yell About.

Photo By Picture Taker 2

L'isola dell'amore

Photo By .the.dude.

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