33 Creative and Intense Photographs of Leaves

As photographers, it's often easy to forget that simple things nearby can make incredible subjects for photographs with just a little creativity. Unless you live in the arctic, you probably have access to this simple subject at some point during the year. This collection of photos of leaves might help you get inspired to look for beauty in simplicity.

Photo by Dave Heuts

Photo by John Talbot

Photo by Liz West

Photo by Jeff Kubina

Photo by Sid Lammata

Photo by John Morgan

Photo by Jeff Kubina

Photo by Kevin

Photo by Lali Masriera

Photo by Peasap

Photo by James Jordan

Photo by Todd Baker

Photo by Brian Snelson

Photo by Dominic Alves

Photo by Matt Clark

Photo by John Morgan

Photo by Jeff Kubina

Phoyo by David Blaikie

Photo by Chany Crystal

Photo by Jack wolf

Photo by Audrey

Photo by ZeePack

Photo by Thomas Totz

Photo by Photonate


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