17 Great Examples of Low Light Urban Photography


While night photography in the city presents its own unique challenges for the photographer, it's also something that most of us will find ourselves experimenting with on our way to becoming better photographers. The simple fact is that most of us live in cities and many of these scenes are readily available for us to shoot. Hopefully this collection will help you discover that that isn't such a bad thing!

Off the Train and Into the Big Apple, Grand Central, NYC

Photo by WandertheWorld at The Lost Man Project.

Ponte Rosso - Trieste

Photo by Michele Catania

Hong Kong from the peak on a summer's night

Photo by StuckinCustoms

3 Generations (in the Fog of Life)

Photo by Gilderic

Quito by Night

Photo by Fernando Sanchez

Brooklyn Bridge at Night, New York City

Photo by Andrew Mace

Flaming truck

Photo by Selva

I don't belong here

Photo by Mugley

dockscape #5

Photo by Mugley

Lisboa at Night

Photo by Fr Antunes

Big Moon

Photo by R. Motti

Photo by Your Photo Trips

Tribute in Light

Photo by Barry Yanowitz

Photo by William Cho

blade runner-esque

Photo by NumberStumper


Photo by Ben Fredericson

79.365 - Chevy Chase

Photo by Josh Liba

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I love night photogaphy and these pictures are amazing Have a few of my own though not not so exotic. Just getting over [how stupid do look out at night with a camera] syndrome

Some lovely shots in this post…

@Roger Booton your photo is not in the same league, it lacks any contrast or vibrancy and the composition feels very flat, at points it also looks blurry. You should check out HDR style photography as a few of the shots are obviously HDR shots. Also try adding some depth of field or make use of an unusual or striking composition wouldn’t go amiss.

I think that’s a bit harsh. It could probably benefit from a crop and some sharpening but I wouldn’t be as harsh in the criticism. 🙂

If you want to learn any style of photography, especially night photography, then I would suggest learning in camera, exposure to perfect it and forget about HDR. Applying composition to night time work is difficult but also something to learn.

Lots to learn and have fun.

I’ve always struggled with night photography. I’ve never shot HDR, but perhaps I should give it a shot; I don’t really know much about it. I get some good shots when I shoot at night but, invariably the keeper-to-non-keeper ratio is pretty pitiful.

I’m diggin’ this whole Light Stalker thing…

Don’t worry about looking stupid with a camera at night, worry about going out alone after dark with expensive equipment on an expensive tripod. Forget HDR for now until you learn the basics of night photography, long exposures, movement etc. Good luck

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