Dramatic Low Key Black & White Portraits


Low key photography is associated with having high contrast with minimal highlight. Often the lighting will be just enough to outline the subject though that often varies. The main benefit of low key photographs is that they convey an incredibly dramatic effect by maximizing shadow and darkness.

We are sure you will agree that the effect can be incredible.

The low key black and white portraits almost made us shiver. If you would like to know more about low key photography, don’t forget to check out the links at the end of the post.


103 by Steph Carter.

Black and white child by Brother's Photo.

Hole to success..

Hole to success by Seema K K.

Silhouette of man on stairs by Duophenom.

Portrait of Lahm in B&W - Pimai Thailand (portrait de Lahm en N&B)

Portrait of Lahm by Ronn ashore.

Portrait of an old friend

Portrait of an old friend by skinner08.

day 133 - 09.01.2009 - keep it lo-key

Day 133  by ardenswayoflife.

mike fink - my film history teacher

mike fink – my film history teacher by *ivo*.


190/365 by uneduex.

WORMs are not as bad as you think

WORMs are not as bad as you think by Felinux.

Man in black jacket by mohamed Abdelgaffar.

Light and shadow photo of woman inside dark room by Studio Negarin.

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above image got a little cut off in the blog layout, so right click and “view image” to see the full size photo.

on the whole a good collection , though some are poor – the profile stuck on th edge of the frame , it doesnt work for me . Also what happened to the guys eyes shot by Ronn ashore ?

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