This Man’s Stunning Photographs of His Daughter Left Us Speechless

Artists around the world have long been inspired by the works of Old Masters like Rembrandt, Raphael and Vermeer. Emulating their style has never been easy, especially in photography. When Australian photographer Bill Gekas wanted to recreate the style through his photographs, he chose to feature his five-year-old daughter as the subject.

These images of his daughter, named Athena, take you a couple of centuries back in time. Careful planning goes into each photograph with utmost attention to the details like costume, props, and the lighting so as to remain faithful to the style and the era. Bill deserves appreciation not just for the idea and its flawless execution but also for the excellent post processing work that creates magical artwork. Athena deserves as much appreciation for being an adorable subject who poses beautifully in each of the images.

Here is some of their work. Sit back, enjoy the wonderful photos, and smile. (All images © Bill Gekas Photography)

Bill Gekas (1)


 Bill Gekas (2)


Bill Gekas (3)


Bill Gekas (24)


Bill Gekas (4)


Bill Gekas (5)


Bill Gekas (6)


Bill Gekas (7)


Bill Gekas (8)


Bill Gekas (13)


Bill Gekas (12)


Bill Gekas (11)


Bill Gekas (10)


Bill Gekas (14)


Bill Gekas (15)


Bill Gekas (16)


Bill Gekas (17)


Bill Gekas (22)


Bill Gekas (23)


Bill Gekas (20)


Bill Gekas (21)


Bill Gekas (18)


Bill Gekas (9)


Bill Gekas (19)

Check out more of Bill’s work on his website and blog. Connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Also, make sure to check out his interview at DPS. 

(All images © Bill Gekas Photography)


About the author

Ritesh Saini

Ritesh has been photographing for about seven years now and his photographic interests have varied from nature and landscapes to street photography. You can see his photography on Flickr or on his website.

  • Brian Cordle says:

    Outstanding photography. I think the daughter needs a special trip to Toy-R-Us for being such a super model! Even the cat doesn’t seem to mind…

    Report user
  • Karen Padilla says:

    Stunning. Makes me wish my daughter was that age again. Oh my, what am I thinking. I’ll just have to borrow the neighbor’s kid.

  • Bell maddux says:

    She is a beautiful little girl. Can’t imagine her misbehaving. Makes me want to go home right now and shoot my little angel! These are amazing!

  • cindy says:

    Stunning! Imaginative, creative, and beautiful!

  • Kerry Arnoldi says:

    So creative. So beautiful. When Athena is older, she will love to see her Daddy provided a record of some fun days they spent together when she was five!

  • MPLM says:

    A great photographer and a very talented artist!

    But the model is brilliant! She has earned her own laurels. A chip of the old tree, no doubt.

    Congratulations to both of them!!!

  • hennie nel says:

    Great work wich I could take such beautiful photos.

  • Roger Eli says:

    my daughter born last month i named her Athena, and this girl totally resembles her looks, I now know how my daughter is gona look five years from now. good work done

  • Ajithaa says:


  • Bob says:

    Eloquent, creative, wow !

  • Charlotte Bratcher says:

    Such beauty, but her magic is in her eyes–the portrait with the hat and her eyes closed is not nearly so compelling!

  • Sutikshan says:

    I just realize that, actually, every child is as cute as your daughter, only difference is you have captured it soooo beautifully. Gotta a love innocence, God gifted us when we started. We only loose it some where during journey.

  • Manny Cepeda says:

    What reality! You have not only capture her picture but also her beautiful soul! Amazing! Congrats!!!

  • Jayme Goodsell says:


  • Valerie says:

    Fantastic. Gorgeous child. Very talented Dad.

  • Jen says:

    So lovely!

  • Robert Knapp says:

    Its great to see you pouring your talent into two of the great loves in you life.

    It looks like you and your daughter had a wonderful time putting these images together.

  • Naira Hammad says:

    It is so difficult to say who is the best….You both are amazing…..Loved your work:)

  • Richard Belair says:

    So talented, takes one aback to the times with our own children and further. They pull out the time from a lost era.

  • Aleem says:

    Grate work.

  • Cindy G says:

    Your choice of props sets the theme. Your daughters face sets the mood. You both have achieve the excellence we all strive for in photography. Keep up this high standard of work as your daughter grows older. I give you a standing ovation.

    • Cindy G says:

      I did not expect to have a sad image. I should have picked an image instead of letting it go to chance. Maybe you can remove it or pic a better one. Thanks

  • Linda Haas says:

    Love your photographs you darling daughter must be very patient with you. I’v photographed my kids and its not easy.

  • Tersha says:

    stunning, wonderful use of light…..and a beautiful model!

    Report user
  • lori says:

    These pictures made my heart sing. What a treat to see them.

  • Leslie Tihor says:

    A beautiful and talented model. And, lovely, professional photography.

  • Peter says:

    I have to disagree with Charlotte in a way. Yes the eyes are stunning but in all those other photos she is “posing” whereas in that one with the hat she is being herself and if you really look at her face you can see that come through. Exquisite photos all.

  • steve says:

    I wonder what Exotic Journey is running through her mind, as she stares at the Elephant.

  • Linda says:

    These images are simply stunning! Your daughter, your work and imagination are extraordinary. Congrats.

  • Pamela Beers says:

    Your daughter and your photography is absolutely beautiful ! ! My son is also a fantastic photographer, he will be welcoming a baby daughter in July and I can’t wait to see what he creates! I could look at your work for hours and your little girl has a face of an angle!♡♡

  • Jim Moseley says:

    Love the mood of the photos. What’s your light source?

  • shaukat lahore says:

    How thoughtful is the photographer and what a wonderful is the baby.

  • Christoph1945 says:

    A superb series of portraits of a young girl presented in a number of historic and modern idioms.
    The photographer has encouraged me to rethink my own efforts and ideas!
    Thank you. 🙂

  • Yvonne says:

    No words for this beauty

  • zhivaan Rajagopal says:

    lovely , beautiful , colours are vibrant & yes , the father better be treating his daughter to something special.
    respect to your sir. all the photographic elements have been used to make these perfect shots.

  • Sonny Robertson says:

    Vermeer shall be rolling over in his grave with jealousy of your model. She is very striking in her beauty.
    A series with her Mother would be an interesting project?
    She must be a quick study and You a very capable teacher!
    Wonderful Work,
    Thanks for sharing Her and Your VISION with us!

  • John says:

    I’m a FAN. I wish I could get the same to my photos. Simply amazing. Well Done sir 🙂

    Report user
  • GordonH says:

    Lovely work. Great creativity by a Dad for his lovely daughter.

  • JoaniC says:

    Beautiful child. Talented photographer.

  • Tracy says:

    I, too, am without speech.

    Spectacular work. Beautiful images and priceless time spent with his child. LOVE this.

    Clearly I was not without speech after all….

  • Inspirational photography. A series of images which leaves one spell bound.

  • sunil says:

    Cute little Angel – A good girl in a bad world.

  • Ingrid van Kuijk says:

    I’m just plain jealous…………… my beautiful granddaughter taken a dive whenever she sees a camera…….. wish I could just make some pictures like that !!!! They are absolutely marvelous !!! That little girl will be a great model when she is older, hope she keeps this innocence look and attitude.

  • Donna S. Bender says:

    These are magnificent studies of all little girls can be…poised, serious , silly, contemplative, attentive, responsive, loving, self conscious and un self conscious

  • Violet says:

    What a great activity to share with Daddy! She gets to play dress up all the time and will have the years of fun documented forever. What a treasure!

  • beautiful photography of a beautiful little lady,

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