9 Unmissable Photographic Accessories for Your Mobile


Gone are the days when a computer was a used to connect to the world, a camera was used to take photos and a phone was used to call people. Today, you can do so much more with every device you own, and mobile phone photography is quickly gaining ground on digital photography. Here are 10 photographic accessories for your mobile which can help it catch up even faster.

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Mobile Adjustable Tripod

We all know the importance of a tripod with our cameras, so why not pass that on to our mobiles? With mobile cameras still a long way from digital camera caliber, it’s no wonder this accessory was created. Many mobile phone cameras have real problems in low light. Stablising them certainly helps a lot.

Factron Quattro Cases

These cases and attachable lenses add a range of effects to your iPhone photos. These lenses include zoom features, fish eye angles, and even macro photography for your iPhone. Accessories like these can really push the limits of what your mobile camera is capable of.

USBFever Detachable Lenses for Photo Effects

USBFever offers similar lens effects for your mobile, but at a much lower cost than the Quattro cases. Lenses again offer telescopic, fish eye and macro effects to your mobile photos, and you can have a lot of fun playing with different elements.

Gorilla Tripod

Well, flexible tripods already exist for your mobile, so why not take it a step further with a gorilla tripod? You never know when that perfect angle will require dangling out of a tree. A lot of folks carry one of these for their DSLR and they can be quite useful.

iPhone z grip for iPhone.
Photo by Torres21

GSI Super Quality Photo Package

Add 8x optical zoom to your mobile and transform it from a phone into a virtual DSLR (well, that might be a little bit of an exageration, but you get the idea). This kit comes with the lens, case, and cleaning cloth.

Jelly Lenses

These lenses are much smaller than other mobile lenses, and attach to many types of mobile. Sold separately for a much more reasonable price than the Factron lenses, but they are also made of a squishy plastic! You can pick them up in a lot of places including Amazon.

MicroSD to SD Adapters

Transfer pictures from your mobile to your camera and vice versa. These adapters are also helpful when you want to view images on a computer and don’t happen to have all of the cords to your mobile with you. You can pick them up at most camera shops or online.

iPhone shot Oloneo PhotoEngine Beta-REKISHI NO MORI 歴史の森-Photo 1-23, 12 33 14-HDR by pinboke_planet, on Flickr” href=”https://www.flickr.com/photos/pinboke/5380099784/”>Photo by Pinboke Planet

Mobile Flashlights

Technically, these accessories are marketed from the angle of emergencies in the dark. They do, however, also make great spotlights and other lighting effects quickly for photography when you don't have a strobe or hotlight to help you.

Photography Apps

You may not think of apps as accessories, but they can be very important accessories when it comes to making the most out of your photography. Once you’ve gone through all the crazy steps of adding lenses, grips and tripods to get a shot, you want the final product to look its best. There are plenty of apps for your mobile which can help you edit and even share your photo once it has been taken.

iPhone IMG_0110
Photo by Erik Schlange

The limitations of mobile phone cameras mean that getting a little creative is a necessity. While many people turn up their noses at mobile phone cameras, it has a lot more to do with the skill and imagination of the person behind the camera than the camera itself.

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Interesting info for on-the-go people who can’t lug around their camera everywhere they go! Some of the photography apps available on the iPhone are pretty cool–they change somewhat typical mobile phone pictures into interesting pieces of work. Now I have to check out some of these nifty gadgets too!

Thank you for reconition of us mobile snappers 😀
One day I will have funding to purchase something other than a mobile phone camer, and I hope to shine, until then . . . . .

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