More Cameras on the Way from GoPro


GoPro wants to bring more cameras to market and, for those of you with long memories, this might seem like deja vu all over again.

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Except for this time, it is going to be different, The Verge reports, with the company eschewing their former tradition of “good/better/best” gradient for camera products that the company said ended targeting too many members of the same niche group for them to be relevant. In other words, too many cameras going for the same precious dollars does not a profitable business model make.

Since trimming down and focusing on their top-end products, the company has somewhat neglected their other markets and that looks set to change moving forward.

To avoid some of the issues of the past, the company plans on making meaningful, strategic iterations of its current products that fill gaps in consumer needs where the current models are concerned. Sounds good to us but, as with so many things, the proof is in the pudding. For a certain group, however, there’s no better brand than GoPro and we always welcome more competition in this space – especially for highly specialized equipment.

After all, some of us take for granted how much GoPro democratized the ability for videographers and photographers to capture shots that previously would have been logistically or financially challenging to say the least. Then again, bringing out more cameras, while major companies are actually shrinking their lineups, does make one wonder just what – exactly – these new GoPro cameras will do that justifies their existence but that’s the fun part in addition to being the most difficult: The waiting.

Would you like to see more cameras from GoPro? Let us know your thoughts on their planned expansion in the comments below.

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