50 Striking Outdoor Photos that Use Moss and Lichen to Great Effect

Many outdoor photographers will often see a great opportunity for an interesting foreground when they come across a patch of moss (as you can see from the images below). But moss or lichen can also be great subjects themselves. These 50 photos of moss and lichen show what can be done with a little imagination when you're in the great outdoors.

Smurf House by Vik Nanda, on Flickr Misty Moss by me'nthedogs, on Flickr

Study of the Moss by mysza831, on Flickr

Green by Desmond Kavanagh, on Flickr

Untitled by isado, on Flickr

Civilization's End by Kansas Poetry (Patrick), on Flickr

The Mary D. Hume, a boat, built in 1881, Gold River, Oregon, USA by Wonderlane, on Flickr

Seaweed Path to Pool by brentbat, on Flickr

Ancient And Modern – 52 WFND 13/52 by me'nthedogs, on Flickr

Channels by SergioTudela, on Flickr

Lichen no bokeh by Minette Layne, on Flickr

Contentment by Ian Sane, on Flickr

Spring Runoff by Ian Sane, on Flickr

Now they are two! by Tambako the Jaguar, on Flickr

Moss Volcano by Vik Nanda, on Flickr

Untitled by paalia, on Flickr

Olympic National Park – Maple Glade Trail by rachel_thecat, on Flickr

georgeous lichen by Ctd 2005, on Flickr

orange lichen texture by dutchb0y, on Flickr

Ganglion by Minette Layne, on Flickr

My veins by SergioTudela, on Flickr

White Branch Falls by Ian Sane, on Flickr

The droopies by Steve-h, on Flickr

on my way by luis de bethencourt, on Flickr

Green Moss by Manosij Mukherjee Photography, on Flickr

Rocks, Moss, & Water by Martin Cathrae, on Flickr

Dana Point Tide Pools HDR by doublej11, on Flickr

Losing Keys by basheertome, on Flickr

Stone Lantern Closeup by skyehopper, on Flickr

Nature's Sprawl by the_tahoe_guy, on Flickr

fluffy green path by Rosino, on Flickr

苔 Moss by ”KIUKO”, on Flickr

Fallen by Nicholas_T, on Flickr

Streamlet by Nicholas_T, on Flickr

moss green by Robert S. Donovan, on Flickr

In A Miniature Forest by me'nthedogs, on Flickr

mossy bench 2008 by SoulRider.222, on Flickr

For Steve, merci! by zenera, on Flickr

涼味 Chilly summer by ”KIUKO”, on Flickr

k_0011 by tomooka, on Flickr

stone steps by nakae, on Flickr

Mossy Beard by tres.jolie, on Flickr

Embankment Path by russelljsmith, on Flickr

”dedicated to all human beings” by jesse.millan, on Flickr

sphynx by davedehetre, on Flickr

Macro Rain Forest by Michael Scheltgen, on Flickr

Propelled by Nicholas_T, on Flickr

Lichen Macro by Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel, on Flickr

Lichen @ Pinnacles by Dawn Endico, on Flickr

British Soldier Lichen by Dendroica cerulea, on Flickr


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