17 Gorgeous Photos of Mother Nature


One of the wonderful things about working for a photography company is that you get to look at a lot of fantastic images that are truly inspiring. This week that has been doubly so, with the launch of our new monthly photography competition with the winner getting $250 for a photograph within the general theme of Spirit of the Earth. With that in mind, I thought I would get even more inspiration by checking out a few photographs from Mother Nature herself, something that would fit perfectly with the theme.

If these type of photos get you fired up, then you might like to submit your own efforts to our photography competition. We can't wait to see what you come up with. Enter here.

mountains, cliffs, landscape
Photo by Franky from Germany
marguerite, daisy, beautiful flowers
Photo by Bessi
tuscany, landscape, forest
Photo by Scwoaze
water lily, flower wallpaper, flower
Photo by Coleur

lighthouse, hill, coast
Photo by Ianproc64

Don't forget to insert your own fantastic photos of Mother Nature to our Spirit of the Earth photography competition for the chance to win $250. Make your submissions here

field, hills, barns
Photo by simon94
mountains, sea, hills
Photo by Mustangjoe
kingfisher, bird, wood
Photo by Lubos Houska
jurassic coast, nature, sunset
Photo by Diego Torres
valley, river, mountain
Photo by Trey Tallent
adler, raptor, bird of prey
Photo by Alexas Photos
gecko, reptile, nature
Photo by Torstensimon

aurora, northern lights, aurora borealis
Photo by Noel Bauza
butterfly, insect, animal
Photo by Nikiko
raindrops, sheets, ladybug
Photo by Denis Doukhan
desert, 4k wallpaper, morocco
Photo by Greg Montani
ground ginseng, flower, pink flower
Photo by Nguyen Hoang Thach

Hopefully, that collection of wonderful mother nature photographs has put some fire in your belly to get out and start taking great photographs of your own. If you would like to enter our competition and get valuable feedback from our incredible community, we would love to see what you have to offer.

Enter here.

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