21 Clever Motion Photos


Capturing motion in photographs is somewhat of a right of passage for new photographers. When you gain enough control of your camera it's something that becomes second nature in the right circumstances. It's also a very cool effect that allows the viewer to get a sense of the dynamism of a scene.

Ironically you can also capture motion in our image by freezing certain elements. If you're interested in learning these skills we also have a great article about capturing motion in photographs.

And to really dive deep you might like to learn about it in the context of Advanced composition.  for that, I'd highly recommend you take a look at Kent's guide to advanced composition over on Photzy. He covers motion as a compositional element as well as a stack of other advanced composition techniques that will be useful for photographers of all levels.

But for now let's jump into 21 pictures that convey motion, to give ourselves a little bit of inspiration.

motion street photography
Copyright Brendan Church
hair freeze movement
Copyright Tyler Nix
Copyright Ben Collins
grass moving
Copyright Hans Isaacson
Copyright Sam Pearce
ocean waves
Copyright Avi Richards
shimmering water
Copyright Austris Augustus
people moving
Copyright Tadas Petrokas
intentional camera movement
Copyright Visax
concert audience
Copyright Colin Lloyd
Copyright Kelvin Zyteng

Advanced composition is a really cool little guide that gives you many different tactics to set the seed and place the elements of an image. It's probably one of the better guides on composition available right now.  Kent has done a fantastic job with it.  Go and grab it over on Photzy

long exposure street photography
Copyright Kyndall Ramirez
dancer motion
Copyright Cintia Matteo
intentional camera movement
Copyright Hans Isaacson
hair in the wind
Copyright Ilya Shishikhin
beach at sunset
Copyright Clay LeConey
smoke motion photography
Copyright Engin Akyurt
flower photography macro motion
Copyright Dustin Humes
kids playing motion photography
Copyright Vazgen Harutyunyan
twirling white dress
Copyright Vadim Koza
moving grass
Copyright Mikita Yo

Now hopefully that has given you a few ideas on what is possible when conveying motion in a photograph. As I said above if this is a tactic that you would like to incorporate into your own photography then there is no better guide than Kent’s advanced composition e-book.  Head over and take a look at it here

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