Beautiful Negative Space in Monochrome


We have covered negative space collections before and we have covered monochrome collections before, but when you put them together, for some reason, they become even more effective as images. This collection shows what can be done when they're in combination.

Photo by Stephen A. Wolfe, on Flickr
Photo by SMercury98, on Flickr
Photo by B Rosen, on Flickr
Photo by Neetesh Gupta (neeteshg), on Flickr
Photo by VinothChandar, on Flickr
screenshot at . .
Photo by davidsteltz, on Flickr
negative space
Photo by CrazySphinx, on Flickr
screenshot at . .
Photo by Kyle Kruchok, on Flickr
Photo by Agata…(exumbra), on Flickr
Photo by JoshuaDavisPhotography, on Flickr
Photo by fincher69, on Flickr
Photo by lisamurray, on Flickr
Photo by Elaron, on Flickr
Photo by papalars, on Flickr
working hard
Photo by the half-blood prince, on Flickr
Photo by *Passenger*, on Flickr

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i feel so addicted in photography… many things are coming to my mind every time you posted a new idea…thank you and pls. post more excellent artwork..

Nice little set of pictures. Here is one of mine to throw in the mix. P.s What are they trying to fix in “Look at all this negative space”???

SOUTH BEACH 5 by Stephen Wolf is breathtakingly beautiful. Kudos SW!
I adore mist photos.

Just got a new Canon and I’m itching to use it!undefined

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