These Should Be The Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions Of All Photographers


December is getting closer each day and if you're into making New Year's Resolutions, now it's perfect time for that! For us photographers it can be really beneficial to think over our current photographic routine and come up with new projects and new ways of thinking and dealing with various issues.

Read on to find out more about clever ideas you can incorporate in your photography starting from 2021 (or even sooner)!

Photo by Alexey Elfimov

1. Take Care Of Your Gear

You shouldn't take your camera, lenses and other equipment for granted. Many of us forget to clean the gear regularly, which is a bad habit. An accepted standard for regular gear maintenance is roughly once per year, and anytime you notice any changes to your images such as haziness or dark patches. In addition to this, you should keep your memory cards properly formatted and make sure to store your digital files in an organized way.

2. Connect With Other Photographers

If you are a professional photographer, you already know that networking is an essential part of running a successful business. But even if you're just a photography enthusiast, networking can be really beneficial to you. By seeing other photographers' work and talking to them you can learn how to improve your own photography and you can also give important feedback to others – it's always a mutual benefit! It's best to find an active and supportive group of photographers that are willing to give you honest feedback – it's exactly what we're trying to do here on Light Stalking!

Photo by Helena Lopes

3. Start Your Own Photography Blog

You probably have some kind of portfolio or maybe Instagram profile, but have you ever thought of starting your own blog? This can be such a rewarding experience especially if you're into travel photography or if you simply enjoy writing and you feel like combining text and images. Nowadays it's so easy to start a blog thanks to open-source website builders such as WordPress or Joomla.

4. Don’t Upload Too Many Photos To Social Media

If you want to grow as a photographer, you should be selective and showcase the best of your work instead of uploading everything. The habit of carefully selecting images for social media is excellent because it develops your critical thinking. Uploading 10 great images instead of 100 mediocre ones will help you get noticed and it will allow you to build a recognizable style!

Photo by Erik Lucatero

5. Don’t Take Photos When You Don’t Feel Like Doing It

Sometimes it can be useful to force yourself to photograph something, especially if you're feeling bored and if creative activities such as photography can improve your mood. But don't force yourself to do it just because someone asked you to photograph a birthday or similar event that doesn't interest you at all. Don't be afraid to say no if you don't feel like photographing something – your disinterest can easily show up in photos and ruin them.

6. Learn The History Of Photography

The history of photography reaches back roughly 200 years and it's really exciting. It includes many talented artists and truly fascinating scientists. Learning the history of photography will expose you to various styles and techniques that can influence your personal style. Also, I think that everyone who's truly interested in photography should know at least a couple of iconic photographers and their most famous works.

Photo by Brigitta Schneiter

7. Start A Long Term Project

If you struggle to come up with new ideas for your photography, having a long term project can be a great option. It will help you stay focused! Your long term project doesn't have to be anything extraordinary – you can simply decide to shoot street portraits, cats, dogs or flowers. Even if you can’t get out and shoot new photos for your ongoing project, you can always edit the existing photos and plan future shoots.

8. Experiment With Self-Portraiture

Self-portraiture can be as valuable as photographing other people if you put enough efforts and creativity into it. Instead of taking simple snapshots of yourself, try to experiment with different kinds of lighting and backgrounds, and make sure to use a tripod and self-timer. You can dress up in any way you want and go wild if that floats your boat – there are no limits!

Photo by Eduardo Gorghetto

9. Print Your Favorite Photos

Printing photos might not be that popular anymore, but it shouldn't become an obsolete practice. Looking at a photo as a physical object can give you a new perspective and making large prints can help you examine strengths and weaknesses of your images thoroughly. You should also bear in mind that printing photos is not a fully automated process – if you want to do it on your own, you should take a look at these important hints and tips.

10. Don't Doubt Yourself And Your Skills

This is really important! Stop comparing yourself to others and enjoy your own photographic journey. There is no need to compete with others and you don't have to be overly critical about your images, no matter your skill level. Enjoy the process of learning and don't be afraid to make mistakes along the way!

Photo by Mika Baumeister

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