Nikon Drops a Cool $160 Million on New Lens Factory


It has been confirmed that Nikon is planning to invest 25 billion yen to renovate its lens manufacturing facilities in Japan and consolidate two of its buildings into a single facility.

The main reason for the change seems to be the evolving state of the camera market around the world. Camera sales have decreased substantially over the last decade, and so Nikon finds itself having to adjust too. With a 90% reduction in camera sales, Nikon has chosen to specialize in lens manufacturing in a single facility that is more adept at adjusting to market conditions.

The new single factory will specialize in high-end lens manufacturing while maintaining the ability to adjust to market demand for other lenses or even camera bodies as the demand fluctuates.

The new facility is expected to be completed by 2028 and will be located in Otawara City, Japan.

For those of us who use Nikon glass, it's nice to know that there might be some even better options coming down the pipeline!

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