Once Bitten, Not Twice Shy: Samsung Reportedly Has Another Folding Wonder on the Way


The Samsung Galaxy Fold foldable smartphone has still not seen the light of commercial release but that isn’t stopping the company from looking towards the future and they see even more foldable headsets coming on the horizon.

As those of you who have followed this blog are probably aware of by now, the Samsung Galaxy Fold had a less-than-positive reception with electronics publications and reviewers were reporting issues with the screen just before the phone was scheduled to launch.

Luckily for Samsung’s reputation as a manufacturer of top-of-the-line smartphones, the launch was delayed to fix the issue with the screens which seems to be somehow related to a protective covering that was put over the glass to prevent it from cracking and breaking. So what is the new foldable headset going to be like?

Apparently it’s going to be similar to embattled Huawei’s Mate X and will fold outwards. Mashable reports that there is no fixed date for this alleged phone (just like there isn’t a launch date yet for the Galaxy Fold) but the website does add that the supply chain that supplies the parts for the phone is fired up and producing components as we speak which would point to something coming soon.

Because the Mate X is coming out in September, it is unlikely that Samsung’s competitor will be out before then but we will probably hear more and more about it as we get closer to the Mate X’s September launch date.

Then again, considering all the issues Huawei is having lately, giving them a little bit of breathing room launching a new marquee product might be a sign of mercy more than anything else.

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We’d love to know your thoughts about foldable smartphones. What do you think? Gimmick or way of the future? Let us know below.

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