Colourful and Gorgeous Photos of Parrots


While many of our collections aim to show that a photographer can bring out the beauty in any subject with a little skill and planning, it's true that some subjects simply lend themselves to great photography. Parrots are so bright and colourful that it can be hard to take a bad shot. Enjoy these photos of parrots and get outside and see what colourful birds you can find yourself!

Out of the darkness… by Tambako the Jaguar, on Flickr

DSCF0532a papagaio !!! by SantaRosa OLD SKOOL, on Flickr

A Pair of Ecuadorian Amazon Red-Lored Parrots by Steve – 800,000 Views Thanks, on Flickr

Senegal Parrot by digitalART2, on Flickr

Macaw by country_boy_shane, on Flickr

O OLHO DO BRASIL – The eye of Brazil by jonycunha, on Flickr

Funny blue parrot by Tambako the Jaguar, on Flickr

Untitled by notsogoodphotography, on Flickr

Look! down there! by hans s, on Flickr

YOU WON'T KEEP ME IN YOUR' RULE OF THIRDS! by kenny barker, on Flickr

Colorful Parrots Couple by ^riza^, on Flickr

You talkin' to me? by jinterwas, on Flickr

✖ Arαrα-Cαnindé. 13O/365 by Rafael Acorsi, on Flickr

Lucy sunlight by paTTrick, on Flickr

Bird in Bali by TheBigTouffe, on Flickr

Red Ara by Bas Lammers, on Flickr

Parrot Alternative by left-hand, on Flickr

papagaio by Vitorio Benedetti, on Flickr

Hello … by AlicePopkorn, on Flickr

red parrot by hans s, on Flickr

Scratching my head by skedonk, on Flickr

Parrot by DeusXFlorida, on Flickr

Alligator Farm @ St Augustine, FL by Steven Beger Photography ( Productions), on Flickr

Colored Feathers by Manu_H, on Flickr

Eyeball. by The_Gut, on Flickr

Red and blue parrot by Magda Ehlers
Red blue and green parrot by Rodolfo Clix
Close up photo of a blue and yellow macaw parrot by Zepps Project
Shallow focus photography of gray parrot by laubeau jac

Singapore Bird Garden by Michael Gwyther-Jones, on Flickr

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Naturally, this post is very touching to me and my green-winged macaw Sammy – thanks for the inspiration to take a photo shoot of him!

the pictures i have seen on this page are beyond words- i have 7 large parrots of my own. they are just breath taking. what talent you all have

your bird are beautiful I have a blue @ gold Do you know how to stop feather plucking many thanks if you do

I Love Parrots so much bcoz they are so sweet and gorgeous. They have a real beauty and a precious gift of nature. I m so crazy about parrots.

Hi, great photos. Can you identify the bright yellow parrot – last photo please?
I would like to know the name of this parrot.
Thank you,

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