21 Smart Uses of Fog to Create Atmospheric Photos


The feeling of atmosphere in a photo can be a difficult thing to create. If you are lucky enough to be out on a misty or foggy morning then a lot of the work is done for you. Fog in a photo is a natural way to create an eerie or spooky feeling to your photos. This collection of atmospheric photos that use fog shows some great examples. For tips on shooting fog, check out the links at the end.

A bleak Duck Pond

Photo by Tricky

the gift of the moose

Photo By Steve Took It

down this road ...

Photo by Josef Stuefer

All Ashore

Photo by Ecstaticist

Sunflowers: Lost Souls (gold)

Photo by Collin Key

Photo by I

still paddling

Photo by Steve Took It

Photo by Louise Sacré
Photo by Marina Mazur
Out from the Fog

Photo by Alberto F


Photo by Bocaccino


Photo by Gagilas

Photo by Csaba Talaber
Mystic way

Photo by Denis Messié

Coloured Mist

Photo by TimboDon

Resources for Photographing Fog

  • Photographing Fog
  • Photography of Fog (Discussion)
  • How to Photograph Fog with a Digital Camera

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Now I just want to get up early on every mild day from now till May. These are very inspiring shots. I especially like the tree lined water and path as well as the moose.

I have to say that all the photos are beautiful, but the photo by Dee is exceptional. If it can be said that a tree has a personality, then Dee certainly captured that personality. And that’s not an easy thing to do. Great picture Dee.

Some pretty cool shots over there!

I’ve created a series a while ago where fog played a big role. You can check them out over here

Fog is great to create athmosphere, but its hard to be at the right place at the right time to take photos as shown here. Thank you for collecting them 😉

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