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21 Amazing Photographs of Borneo

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As far as dream destinations go, Borneo is right at the top of most wildlife and nature photography enthusiast's list. These amazing photographs of Borneo will show exactly why that is. Check out some of the links at the end of this collection to get a feel for how these shots were taken and can possibly be emulated.

Sunset @Kota Kinabalu by Eric Lim Photography, on Flickr
South Peak, Mt Kinabalu by Eric Lim Photography, on Flickr
Waterfront by Matt Watts, on Flickr
A Borneo Sunset From the Beach… by Chi King, on Flickr
Greater Green Leafbird by vil.sandi, on Flickr
A Quiet Morning by ^riza^, on Flickr
Journey to the Centre of the Earth by vil.sandi, on Flickr
Mt. K 2 by HK.Colin, on Flickr
Black-capped White-eye (Zosterops atricapilla) by Lip Kee, on Flickr
Mount Kinabalu Summit (4095m) by Stephane Enten, on Flickr
Photographing Turtles by wwarby, on Flickr
White-chested Babbler by Michael Woodruff, on Flickr
Pulau Maiga5 by irwandy, on Flickr
Kota Kinabalu by Carrie Kellenberger I globetrotterI, on Flickr
South Peak, Mt Kinabalu by Eric Lim Photography, on Flickr
Another pea-sized frog: Mahogany frog by vil.sandi, on Flickr
Sunrise Descent by Chris Wary, on Flickr
Pulau Sibuan2 by irwandy, on Flickr
In the fog by Antoine Hubert, on Flickr
Mt. K 5 by HK.Colin, on Flickr
. by s-a-m, on Flickr

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