15 Beautiful Photographs Of Clocks That Remind Us That Time Flies


Tempus fugit! Clocks are human creations that seem to embody something more profound. People have been building beautiful machines and devices to count the passing moments for millennia. From calculating the passage of time, seasons and astrological phenomenon to determining longitude, clocks have changed the course of history.

The beauty in these timepieces is not just in the aesthetics, but also in the mechanisms and their history, so here are a collection of curated photographs of clocks for you to spend time enjoying.

vintage outdoor clock
Rodolpho Zanard
hour glass plus clocks
Jordan Benton
dark clock
clock tower clock face
bruce mars
alarm clock hanging on branch
Narcis Liviu Catrinescu
Alarm clock and tea
Aphiwat Chuangchoem
clock outside vintage
Nolwenn Coene
clock on building
Shamia Casiano
close up of roman numerals clock
Brett Sayles
wall clock
Steve Johnson

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Tomasz Mikołajczyk
Robert Karkowski
Virvoreanu Laurentiu
Jon Tyson

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