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Keeping up with everything in the world of photography is a full time job. Luckily, you have Light Stalking! Here's what's happening around the photography internets this week.

234/365 - 1 <3 photography 6/10photo © 2010 Courtney Carmody | more info (via: Wylio)

Photography Tutorials

How to Use the Healing Brush and Patch Tool in Photoshop – A video rundown of this topic from Sean over at Fstoppers. All their stuff is well worth watching.

Making Image Adjustments in the Histogram – As the title says, Digital Photo Buzz takes you through the basics of adjustments in Light Room with your histogram. It's basic, but a good introduction for beginners or reminder for seasoned photographers.

Setting Your Lightroom 3 Preferences: The External Editing Tab – A good little video rundown of setting up your Lightroom preferences to let you easily switch between editing programs like Photoshop.

How to Take Better Pictures for Beginner Photographers – It's definitely for beginners, but it's a solid introductions to exposure, metering and modes that a beginner may not be familiar with. One to point your friends to if they ask you how to use their DSLR.

How to Use Backdrops to Improve Your Photography – A good tutorial from Chase Guttman who also happens to be a regular on the Light Stalking forums and an award winning photographer.

Black and White, Monochrome or Duotone? – Takes you through the basics of setting up to print these ways.

How to Keep Your Camera Clean – From the folks over at B&H. A basic rundown, but worth a read.

Batch Resizing in Photoshop – Shows you how to resize an entire collection of images easily.

Filling the Shadows with Flash – A rundown of fill flash with examples. Worth a look for beginners to see what it does.

Woman with cameraphoto © 2008 George Eastman House | more info (via: Wylio)

Camera Gear

The Nikon D90 vs the D7000: Should You Upgrade? – This one certainly isn't shy in encouraging you to upgrade to the D7000. Find out why.

DIY Optical Ring Flash – This looks kind of like a space alien. But we're sure it would work perfectly well and save a few dollars.

Nikon D3100 Review – A rundown of this new entry-level DSLR with some impressive results. From the prolific folks at Digital Photography School.

A Practical Comparison of the Nikon Pro DSLR Camera Line – The top five camera that Nikon buyers are likely to get and what you get for your money.

Photograph Collections

Amazing Pictures: 30 Minimalist Landscapes – The folks who run this website also publish a heap of cool magazines and guides. A great collection, but be sure to check out the rest of the site as well.

Some Amazing Wedding Photography Images to Inspire – A solid collection that wedding buffs will enjoy.

9 Cool Infrared Photos – A small collection of a fun technique.

Photography News & Business

The Stolen Scream – A shocking video about a guy whose photograph was stolen and went totally viral around the world… without him even knowing it. Worth a watch if you want to be more informed about the copyright debates.

The War on Cameras – This is an important issue for photographers who value their freedom. This is an interactive map of where photographers have been harassed. Not cool.

33 Ways Photographers Can Use QR Codes – A new technology that some early adopter photographers are using to market their photography business is explained in this article.

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Great compilation. I saw the stolen scream, amazing story, and haunting to any photographer. FStoppers have a really good site.

Thanks for listing the QR code post. It’s amazing what you can do with these bar codes. The public are starting to understand what they are and scanning them more regularly.

Good list.


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