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Another fabulous week in the world of photography and Toad Hollow Photography has been busy compiling a list of great links to tutorials, photography and interesting blogs to share.   We sincerely hope you enjoy viewing these great sites as much at the Toad did in bringing this list to you.

Check out the Toad’s gallery of Canadian Fine Art Photography.


Photography Tutorial – Black and White conversion using Nik's Silver Efex Pro 2 – a thorough and complete piece shares tips and tricks on how to process imagery using Nik's Silver Efex Pro 2 product set.

Behind the scene: Godiva liquor splash shot – photography master Alex Koloskov takes us back stage to an incredible photo shoot.  His desire to share his knowledge with all who are interested really shows in his wonderful work, and if you are interested in this style of photography there is something to be learned and enjoyed in this feature for everyone.


Learning to See (Part 2) – last weeks incredible series of images and accompanying post were followed up this week by a truly wonderful piece.  Tom Dinning shares his wonderful perspective of the world with us, both through his lens as well as his wonderful use of prose.  If you read one blog post this week, this should definitely be it.

A real life “Spring Beauty” – John Mead is not just a truly top drawer photographer, but he is also a science teacher in Texas and has a different perspective to share on his subjects.  This pair of images are incredible as beautiful pictures in their own right, and are accompanied by some fabulous anecdotal details.

Say Hello To My Little Toy – sometimes an image is compelling because of what is hidden, and the subject becomes much more dramatic.  This great picture from the studio of Jose Vazquez delivers a great example of this with a really great perspective.

Feelin’ Grey – a black and white panorama with one of the best reflections I’ve seen this week produces a strong and dramatic image.  Jason Hines captured this fabulous image at Tempe Town Lake.

Wild Hare – this will delight and amaze everyone, a truly special photograph!  Aaron Barlow captures a shot of a wild hare, and the reflection in it’s eye sets this picture in it’s own category, well worth the time to visit.

Under the Bridge – a jaw-droppingly awesome shot from the studio of Chris DeAngelis taken under the iconic Brooklyn Bridge with the moon producing a light-flare… it will surely delight and amaze everyone!

Oh, No… I’m Getting Happy Feet! – absolutely stunning in a slightly macabre way, this incredible photo from the studio of Rob Hanson is perfectly composed and processed.  Taken in the attic of a building that is more than 250 years old, Rob has perfectly captured the great details and textures.

Black and White and Read All Over – a picture that just keeps on giving the more time you spend with it.  I love clever use of language, and when the picture adds a further thousand words you’ve got a masterpiece straight from the studio of Mark Garbowski.

Single Black Swan – I have never seen anything like this before, a stunning photograph of a black swan swimming.  Gorgeous composition further accents the wonder that is revealed in this gorgeous picture.

The Museum – Viveca Koh shares a set of images taken of a museum attached to an abandoned power station.  Her masterful use of textures coupled with the incredible imagery come together to produce an amazing post.

[2012 Aston Martin] New Carbon Edition DBS – cars make for wonderful photography subjects.  Rare, exotic ones can truly deliver images so evocative and stirring, they are sure to make everyone feel something.  This series of photos of the Aston Martin DBS are sure to delight everyone, well worth the time to view.

Fall in Victoria – taken just mere miles from where we live, this colorful and rich photograph of fall in Victoria is absolutely delightful.  Wonderful colors and details come together, creating a true view of life in this quaint city.

Sinclair Gas – automobilia and nostalgia merge in this awesome set of photos to take us back 50 years.  Straight from the studio of Tom Barnett, this series is only the beginning of a larger set he captured at this iconic spot.  Definitely well worth a visit.

Tuscany – incredible black and white photos taken in Tuscany are delivered in this gallery.  Stefano Orazzini captures and shares a moving and dramatic series of images of this just beautiful region of the world.

Didkovska – Petrosuk – a fabulous set of photographs taken of fine art works from the studio of Viktor Skurko.  The art works themselves are fine and intricate and lend themselves perfectly as photography subjects.

Fall in the Tetons – a colorful and majestic image from Ben Chase really delivers a compelling scene to enjoy.  Mountains in the backdrop provide a touch of drama, and the beauty of the landscape really draws the viewer in.

Procida off the coast of Naples, Italy – colorful homes pepper the hillsides that gently find their way to the seaside.  Adam Allegro captures and shares an image worthy of being on a postcard, sure to bring joy to all those who view it.

Daily Photography – a great sunburst and architectural leading lines converge to deliver a truly dramatic picture.  This wonderful photograph from Chanapai Limsuwankesorn is just incredible.

Displaced Ship – sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.  This image of a ship that has been placed inland somehow creates a compelling and dramatic scene delivered from the studio of Ontoshiki Vun.

Get ready for some food – a strong UrBex image shares a scene of abandonment and desolation.  Incredible tones and textures emerge from this photograph as the viewer spends time taking it in.

Downtime – a wonderful taste of Seattle is captured by Jay in this great photograph.  A candid shot taken in an airport is perfectly composed and produces a striking shot, sure to please all who view it.

Lovin’ The Leaves – Abby Elliott delivers a fabulous set of photos of her son playing in a pile of leaves.  Fabulous composition and a knack for clicking the shutter at just the right moment converge in this set, delivering a series that is just delightful.

Silence Is Golden – stunning colors and reflections come together in this top drawer image from the studio of Michael Glover to deliver a serene and beautiful photograph.  Marine subjects are some of our favorites, and this picture has a ton of rich tones and details to take in and enjoy.

Window Shopping – this week we were lucky enough to encounter two posts from the studio of Tom Dinning.  This post highlights window shopping in stores and truly makes one pause and reflect on our own personal nature.  A well written and delivered piece, this post is absolutely top drawer and is sure to delight and entertain all who visit.

Change – incredible light drapes a beautiful mountainside valley in this top drawer landscape photo.  Helene Kobelnyk captures and shares a photograph sure to amaze everyone, and includes some insightful words in her blog post; a stunning piece to enjoy, for sure.

Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia – Is it really all that? – the east coast of Canada is full of great photography subjects and some of them are rather famous.  Anne McKinnell shares two photos and a bit of insight into Peggy’s Cove producing a very compelling piece.

From DUMBO – how many photographs have we all seen of the NY skyline?  How many times have you seen one that takes your breath away?  Bob Lussier shares an absolutely incredible photo looking on the city’s skyline complete with just incredible composition, tones and details.  This one is astounding, to say the least.

Stone cloak of faith – a monastery hidden deep in the Himalayans is the subject of this jaw-droppingly awesome black-and-white photograph.  Regis Boileau shares this special photograph that took incredible effort to capture, and accompanies it with some wonderful words…  a rare experience for all of us to see something different and absolutely unique.

Chevrolet – classic cars are great subjects and one of my personal favorites is the iconic ‘57 Chevrolet Bel Air.  Helene Kobelnyk captures a shares a truly stellar photo of a great example of this fabulous car, well worth the time to view.

The Wood Duck – a fabulous shot of a, well, you guessed it..  a duck.  This picture has great details with a great reflection in the water, straight from the studio of Tony Le.

Cathedral Peak Reflection – a masterful photograph of a mountain range, framed exquisitely by a body of water with a gorgeous still reflection.  Gary Crabbe shares an incredibly dramatic picture of a fabulous landscape scene.

Fall in Nanuet NY – a wonderful and colorful picture of a rolling landscape in NY state in the fall.  Scott Schlaff captures and delivers a beautiful picture, well worth the time to visit.

A Bridge In Istanbul – a wonderful night picture of a bridge in Istanbul from the studio of Celalettin GÜNEŞ has all the key elements of a great photograph.  Compelling composition in tandem with a stunning scene bring the perfect subject to lens for everyone to enjoy.

Regal Ruins in Preah Khan – Cambodia is famous for unique architecture and incredible artifacts.  An absolutely incredible photograph is captured in a temple, and Catherine Hall shares this wonderful find with all of us.

Sugar Shack – colorful, detailed and very interesting, this picture has it all going on.  Mark Waslick delivers a truly mesmerizing piece, well worth the time to view.

Vancouver – BC Canada – a stunning, stunning and quite popular photo on Flickr shares a view of the waterfront in Vancouver.  Taken early in the morning using long exposure techniques, this finely detailed and dramatic picture from Kevin McNeal is way beyond compelling.

Gateway To The Valley – a subtle photograph showing a rolling landscape with the prime subject being a gate.  Simon Morris has created a truly stunning and dramatic image with processing this incredible scene in black-and-white.

Mother Nature – a crisp, detailed and brooding image that at first glance may appear to be a painting due to the surreal nature of it.  Mikko Lagerstedt delivers a jaw-droppingly awesome picture of a house on a hill with a looming storm making it’s way across the scene, sure to captivate all who view it.

Fawna – a fabulous, fabulous piece from the studio of Christina Rollo shares a beautiful scene of a family of deer.  Top drawer composition coupled with great resulting details merge in the creation of a truly unique photograph.

Frozen – a cold, cold landscape is the subject for photographer Geir Lyngve in this excellent landscape picture.  We have a great reflection, dramatic clouds in the sky and fabulous colors combining in this work.

Lemoore Air station Air Show – I love all things mechanical, land or air.  This fabulous set of photographs taken at an air show by Michael Coffman is sure to please the aviation fan in everyone with great details, composition and tones.

Still life in oil – I found this image to be both difficult to view and at the same time absolutely compelling.  Daniel Beltrá captures an award winning photograph that is guaranteed to make everyone who sees it reflect on the impact modern life has on our surroundings and the wildlife we coexist with.

Landscape – oh wow, I have to admit I love this picture as it seems to have it all going on here.  Great details and tones are accented with a fabulous reflection in the body of water.  A top drawer capture and share from the studio of Anna Rumiantseva.

All Underwater – Google+ has been a great source of community and inspiration for photographers since it was launched, and here we showcase the work of the talented who specializes in conceptual art via photography.  Absolutely guaranteed to make you gasp in wonder, this set is just stunning.

Metapen – I really love Steampunk objects.  Basically these are art items created by reusing old, antique or discarded artifacts that are in turn creatively used to create a new piece of art.  This multifunction pen gadget is a wonderful piece to enjoy and will surely delight everyone who pops over for a view.

Ruffled Snowy Egret – Aaron Barlow delivers another stunning wildlife photo featuring a snowy egret as it sits in wait for it’s next meal.  Fabulous composition coupled with just incredible details in this picture really serve to create a truly compelling scene.

Second Thoughts – the subway system in NYC can make for great photography subjects, and Mark Garbowski captures and shares one such image here with us.  This image leaves the viewer with as many questions remaining as were answered, definitely a very enjoyable piece to take in.

Evening Fall Colors on Tellico Lake, Vonore, TN – as fall sets in photographers are given great opportunities to capture colors that are without peer.  Jerry Denham shares a truly stunning landscape photo with one of the most beautiful reflections I have seen in forever.

Waking Robert St. – a great, great architectural piece showcasing a wonderful bridge straight from the studio of Jim Denham.  A truly breathtaking reflection further adds so much visual interest to this scene, definitely a post well worth the time to take in.

Gordon Bay Lake Cowichan Vancouver Island B.C. – Vancouver Island is our home and provides a plethora of beautiful locations to photograph.  Local photographer Barry Hetschko captures an absolutely breathtaking photo of a beautiful bay, just a few miles from our home.

Concord Wagons – I find this image to be absolutely iconic and highly emotional for reasons I can’t fully articulate.  Jose Vazquez delivers a piece full of drama and details to captivate the imagination.  Fabulous work here, well worth the time to visit.

Flowing Into Treetops – stunning colors and reflections work together in this absolutely beautiful piece from the studio of Jerry Denham.  This picture has been very popular online this week and for very good reasons.  A truly stunning piece, sure to delight and amaze all who view it.

Breezeway – leading lines in photography are often used to help lead the viewer through the frame.  Scott Frederick masterfully captures and processes an image with great lines taken using a non-standard composition with absolutely incredible results.  This is a slightly dark and dramatic scene that is sure to mesmerize.

Just In Time – a masterful and colorful photograph taken as the sun sets produces a plethora of colors to take in and enjoy.  Avena Singh captures and shares a truly dramatic piece, complete with powerful clouds in the sky to add a further touch of interest.
DSCF0768 by JohannCoetzer, on Flickr

1 Year Blog Anniversary – one of my favorite photographers Steve Beal has just recently celebrated his 1 year anniversary with his running photoblog.  In celebration, he has posted a series of images he has shared over the year, which in turn has produced a truly compelling blog post, sure to keep photography fans busy for quite some time.


Visiting Château de Cheverny in The Loire Valley – Lee Brown takes us on a wonderful adventure to explore a hunting villa in France.  A truly stunning set of photographs is accompanied by a compelling story, creating a wonderful story well worth spending time to enjoy.

HDR Cookbook – Before and After: St. Martin’s Cathedral (HDR Vertorama) – a stunning photo from the studio of Farbspiel Photography is accompanied by the panels used to create it.  This gives us all incredible insight into the level of work and detail that goes into creating such a stunning and visually evocative image.

Cathedrals and churches – Len Abrams shares an absolutely astonishing set of images taken in all 43 Anglican Cathedrals in England.  This detailed and beautiful architectural study is truly amazing to take in and well worth the time.

Best Time Visit Alaska – veteran photographer Ron Niebrugge delivers a comprehensive blog post outlining the seasons and what to expect in terms of visiting Alaska.

Inside Windows Live – Photo Gallery now supports raw format – great news from the team at Microsoft!  It seems that the RAW image file format has become so predominant in the photography space, Microsoft has seen fit to include support for it somewhat natively.

Matt Weber – “I’m just shooting my way through life” – a lengthy and very interesting interview conducted with photographer Matt Weber gives us a very dramatic and emotional vantage of the streets of NYC.  Top drawer photographs showcase his work, and a fabulous interview gives us all insight into what makes Matt tick.

Just In Time – a masterful and colorful photograph taken as the sun sets produces a plethora of colors to take in and enjoy.  Avena Singh captures and shares a truly dramatic piece, complete with powerful clouds in the sky to add a further touch of interest.

1 Year Blog Anniversary – one of my favorite photographers Steve Beal has just recently celebrated his 1 year anniversary with his running photoblog.  In celebration, he has posted a series of images he has shared over the year, which in turn has produced a truly compelling blog post, sure to keep photography fans busy for quite some time.

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