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As another wonderful week passes us by we find Toad Hollow Photography searching points all over the internet for links to great photography resources to share here with everyone.  This week's list features a selection of tutorials, special features, great photography and a very interesting blog.  These presentations have been created and shared online by a wide variety of very talented artists working in the field today, and we hope you enjoy checking these links out as much as the Toad did himself in bringing this list to you.

image.jpg by Marchez on Light Stalking


The Basics of Shooting Better Cityscape Photos – this article discusses some basic concepts on how to capture great cityscape photographs.  Great shots accompany this piece to illustrate the ideas and tips being shared, providing a strong visual basis for the key points.

10 Editing Techniques That Changed My Photography – some very advanced post-processing techniques are discussed in detail in this post.  Sample photos are included for nearly all the concepts, showing you the effects these approaches to post-production can have on your imagery, making for a well-rounded article sure to teach almost everyone something.

Photographing Cars at Outdoor Shows – as car show season approaches here the time has come to learn some tips and tricks from the masters to help you capture terrific car photographs.  Joe Farace shares a few brief insights into exposure techniques in this article, specifically shared for shooting at car shows and getting the results desired.

Comparing 7 Common Light Modifiers – this terrific tutorial covers the somewhat subtle differences found in the application of specific light modifiers.  Terrific black-and-white sample photos are included with each type of modifier, allowing you to quickly review and decide which one you prefer for your specific application.

The 5DS, f/11 and Confusing Circles – don’t let all the complex math fool you, there are some real gems in this article for those who are considering moving into the new Canon 5DS body and for those yearning to learn about lens diffraction at a physics level.  This in-depth article breaks the concept down into smaller concepts that are easier to digest, while still maintaining the mathematical details that are critical to understanding the effects it will all have on your imagery.

Rice Pudding by Kent DuFault on Light Stalking


Photography in Twenty Mule Team Canyon, Death Valley National Park, California – this special feature is brought to us by Renée Besta who takes us into the world famous Death Valley National Park.  The landscapes form almost alien looking vistas that take on a strong abstract feel in many cases, highlighted by the dramatic cloud formations that many of the photos in this presentation take advantage of to accent that impression.  Renée’s piece also features some great background information on the park.

‘Unseen Cuba': A Photographer's Stunning Aerial Views – Cuba has historically been somewhat closed as a country, particularly in terms of allowing outside photographers in to capture images of this stunningly beautiful country.  After years of hard work, self-funding, learning to speak Spanish, and countless other hurdles, photographer Marius Jovaisa shares never-before seen aerial images of Cuba.


Lions on Kopjes in Serengeti National Park – an amazing set of photographs is shared in this post from traveling photographer Anne McKinnell.  Anne shares a quintessential look at lions in their natural habitats on the plains of Africa, including a few shots of the cubs in action.

April Rain – photographer Nobby captures a great portrait of a perched owl looking back at camera.  The wonderful shallow depth-of-focus makes the fascinating bird pop out of the frame with this piece, which finds further highlighting in the softened colors of the backdrop.

Bright Lights of Dubai Skyline – the dramatic architecture of Dubai comes to life in this incredible night shot from Jimmy McIntyre.  Jimmy captured this shot from a very high perspective to accent the vibrant city far below, and he also shares some great insights into his post-processing at the same time for added interest.

Round Tower – a terrific photograph that illustrates contrast, light and shape in a single frame.  Wojciech Toman captures this shot inside a tower, processing it as a black-and-white to highlight the key elements of form and texture.

Wire wool spinning by chris.evanss on Light Stalking

Cathedral of St John the Baptist – incredible architecture is explored in this dramatic piece from the studio of Michael Criswell.  A wonderful character church in the heart of Savannah, Georgia is a popular tourist stop, and in this fortuitous moment Michael finds the church mostly empty allowing him to capture this amazing photograph.

Mucigliani… – the epic beauty of Tuscany in Italy comes to our screens in this breathtaking shot from Krzysztof Browko.  Warm spring light drapes the undulating landscape in this shot, highlighting the texture of the landscape and giving the viewer a strong sense of the scale of the countryside.

Midnight Magic – Jimi Jones shares a wonderful late-night photograph featuring a contemporary boat in the foreground and the twinkling lights of the bay in the distance in the background.  The wonderful colors from the lights adds a terrific spritz of color to the frame that is predominantly negative space.

*** – a train station makes for the perfect setting for this photograph by Ed Gordeev.  Dramatic natural light streams in from frame left, casting long and dramatic shadows across the station.  The finishing touch comes in the form of a person walking along the platform for an added touch of natural tension.

High Above Boston – as the title implies, Bob Lussier brings us along as he heads up to the Prudential Skywalk Observatory in Boston for some elevated night cityscape photography.  The two images shared in this post are full of great details, showcasing the terrific personality of this city at night.

Where the magic never ends – the dramatic landscapes of Patagonia pops right out of our screens in this breathtaking panorama from Timothy Poulton.  Timothy composes the shot to take advantage of an old wood fence line, creating a perfect natural leading line that guides you into the heart of the frame on a journey of discovery.

LRT light – Frank King shares a terrific shot of the interior of the Crowfoot LRT Station in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Wonderful geometry, shapes and colors come alive in this shot that benefits greatly from the natural leading lines created by the dramatic architecture, as well as the vanishing points explored.

Momentous – exactly as promised in the title of this piece, a truly momentous moment is frozen in time forever in this epic shot by Patrick Marson Ong.  The after-effects of a raging snowstorm leaves the landscape covered in a coat of frozen snow, and we find the skies are full of vibrant colors, all converging to create something truly special.

St Thomas a Beckett Church Fairfield, Kent – a wonderful image from Art Hakker Photography that features an old church in a landscape surrounded by herds of sheep.  The bright blue sky that lingers above the scene highlights the terrific details and textures found in this photograph.

The Jacobite crossing Glenfinnan Viaduct – this wonderful photograph comes to us from the photographer Ann, featuring the amazing Jacobite steam locomotive under power as it crosses an old stone constructed viaduct.  The gorgeous Scottish landscape that hosts both the great bridge and the romantic train adds a perfect element to finish off this shot.

Throne Hall in Amalienborg Palace – incredible architectural details and textures are explored in this truly stunning piece from Wojciech Toman as we visually explore one of the rooms inside a palace in Copenhagen.  There are so many treasures and details in this image, this is definitely a shot that reveals more as you spend time with it.

Fluorescent Tulip – gorgeous colors pop to life in this vibrant image shared here by Tiger Seo.  A tulip in the field finds itself basking in wonderful natural light, making for a perfect backlit condition and turning this beautiful flower into a fluorescent wonder.

I’m a poor lonesome cowboy – Mathias Lucas delivers a wonderful photograph in this post that literally exemplifies the concept of artistic tension.  A rather minimalistic composition finds us enjoying a wonderful scene of a beach, with a lone rider on a horse in silhouette adding that dash of tension we all crave.

Trails Over the Bridge – the beautiful canals of Amsterdam create terrific natural lines and details for the viewer to take in and enjoy in this piece by Thrasivoulos Panou.  The amazing architecture of this old city comes together quite nicely with the lights of the buildings and the dynamic light trails from vehicles crossing the ancient stone bridges.

Evening at Johnson Lake – Banff National Park, Alberta – Len Saltiel shares a shot that shows us why the Canadian Rockies are second-to-none for their epic landscapes and rugged vistas.  In this shot, the mountains in the backdrop are mirrored back in a still reflection in the lake in the foreground, delivering a stunning and breathtaking piece to be enjoyed by all.

_CSC0027.jpg by tablitkevin on Light Stalking

Fair Weather Friends – Jake Olson Studios does it again with an almost Rockwell feeling piece that finds us enjoying a rainy scene with a little one playing with ducklings.  Jake’s perspective and very shallow depth-of-focus draws the eye right to the main subject in the shot, revealing a magical scene sure to be enjoyed by all.

Mission Concepción Pano – a terrific panorama piece from Tim Stanley brings us inside a very old mission in San Antonio, Texas.  The format Tim used to make this image really gives a sense of the space inside this building that has been in active use since the 1700’s.

Perspective is everything !! – if you’re looking to enjoy some really rich character in a photograph in this weeks list, look no further.  Barb D'Arpino captures a wonderful shot of a pair of Burrowing Owls perched and looking back at camera, and the great expressions they share are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.


An Incredible Automotive Shoot That Did Not Go As Planned – this is a great example of how out-of-the-box thinking can save the day.  Who hasn’t arrived for a photo shoot just to run into some form of a surprise.. in this case William Stern arrives at location to discover his strobes aren’t working.  Instead of delaying the session, he finds a way to power through the situation and the resulting photographs definitely speak for themselves.

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