Instagram Adds Generative AI Chatbot to Direct Messaging


It was inevitable but the day is finally here.

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Chat bubble with ellipsis. Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko

Instagram just launched an AI chatbot for its direct messaging and it is capable of generating images, recommending content, and helping users tailor messages, among other things.

Part of Meta AI, the Instagram variant reminds us of the AI bot that Snap rolled out not too long ago at the beginning of this craze. Perhaps the major difference between Meta’s offering and Snap’s is that Meta’s is across multiple platforms, giving it a wider reach in terms of users. And, of course, all of this is still in the early stages so it is safe to assume that the Meta AI platform will be broadened to include other tasks.

Because everything is still in development, the AI has somewhat limited capacity at this point, Engadget reports.

Perhaps one of the killer features of the platform is that it is able to recommend content. If anyone has ever tried to search for a specific image or video on Instagram but not a specific account, you already know how much of a benefit this could possibly be. It’s nearly impossible to find anything on Instagram but it’s easy to stumble upon things that you may or may not like. Honing in that experience somewhat can only be a good thing.

It also has a couple of novel uses that Engadget notes but many of which seem to hint at an even more powerful, lucrative core: The ability to recommend products and services to users tailored to their specific needs.

Any thoughts that you might have on the uses of generative AI in social media are welcome below.

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